Wednesday, August 04, 2021

summer ending 2021....

 I've just finished summer classes last week and now this week I'm doing a 2 week intersession before the fall semester begins aug 16th.  Summer has gone by pretty nicely this year, only a bit more travel than the none that happened last year.  I drove to Austin memorial weekend and then up to see my college friends in AR a few times. and then I went with the garden club to Manhattan Kansas in July for a regional convention. lots of fun more or less!

On the weekens I'm usually hanging out with my friends S and B and SP and KP.  SP and KP are a married couple who went to college with B.... they moved here from Ohio about 3 years ago and start hanging out with S and B and then me by default. but also I started working out at their crossfit gym 2.5 years ago, and even though KP, the wife, quit going and is doing orange theory instead, SP and I have ended up going to same time of classes and getting to know each other outside of the group and also we give each other an older work out partner during workouts. ha   So anyway, its usually the 5 of us on weekends going out for dinner and then playing cards and one their homes.  I don't host because they both have dogs that ALWAYS come with and so their houses are better for the dogs messing around while we play cards.  We usually always play Hearts when there are 5 of us , also if we are 4.  But if we have a larger group fo people and even number , we'll always play Nertz which is more of a speed game, it's sort of like Dutch Blitz basically.  For a while there was RC , a girl that they all went to college with and cousin of KP, but she moved to live with her boyfriend on a boat in the gulf? or something, and then sometimes KP's twin brother and wife will join us, and less often her older broth and wife might join us. that's about it and we usually go to the same Mexican restaurant or have take out pizza, although we've branched out to some new places in OKC lately. woot!

I have been working on my yard all summer, keeping the weeds at bay and things watered. we are lucky to not have too many days over 100 just yet. this week in the 80's WOW for OKC in August!!  I've been ordering a few more plants than usual to plant this fall because there is a national convention coming up in 3 years here in OKC and I'm likely to be on the group garden tours.  SO this fall I'll be digging up stuff and spreading things out and cleaning up and getting things more planned and landscaped and all that around the yard. I ordered some Chinese Magnolia shrub/trees to dot around the place and also a Disanthus Cercidifolium ( Redbud Hazel) that I'm trying to grow a second time. I've also put in 3 more Japanese maples here and there in the garden. 

We have a new division dean at work this fall. He was just announced last week at a Friday afternoon zoom department meeting that we got an email about 2 days prior. awkward! ha... a colleauge of mine who I esteem highly had her name in for the job , and we really really though that they would hire from within since the last guy from MO jsut didn't work.  ( I was on his hiring comitte 4 years ago , but those were way different days with most of our school leadership completely shifting since then). Well, anyway, so I had been helping her with proofreading her resume and giving her some sample questions and editing her cover letter etc etc.. and she didn't get the job as our dean. ALAS!  I have to say that the guy they hired from Kentucky has excellent qualifications and background and I can see why they hired him. I am actually excited that it's someone from outside and comes in just taking in the division and runs it steadily as he see fit.  let's go fall of 2021!

no work yet on whether students will wear masks or if we will wear masks etc. I hope not!  The college did an excellent job of getting us all vaccinated, and I've already had the virus, but I do hope anyone not vaccinated will wear a mask as needed.  I'm nto sure of our numbers in OKC actually, but hopefully they will not keep rising. booo!  we shall see how it goes....  If we do need to wear masks, I'm going to use a "face covering" which means a see through clear plastic shield. it fits on your ball cap and sort of hangs in front of your face that way.  I had one ready for last year, so I hope to use that if needed because I want the students to see my face and expressions etc...  I also hope they don't switch us to half the students one day and the other half the next.  Our class sizes (with new leadership) are capped off at 20 or 23 instead of 28 or 30 in the past.  SO with 20 students, it's possible to separate everyone and space them out in distance in the classroom.  again we'll see what decision is made in the next 2 weeks.

Until then I am teaching a 2 week course with only 5 students enrolled!!  because we had an interim dean this summer, I think my course got skipped over and wasn't checked to see if it had enough students. only 9 enrolled and I lost 4 of them already.  I signed a contract today to be paid the same amount as any intersession course, but it will be a nicer amount of work with only 5.

hope everyone is having a great summer! I'm watching a few youtube channels as I wind down in the evenings. my goal is to make it up early to swim laps, but I have yet to follow through on that.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Always glad to see anyone vaccinated and that Pfizer has FDA final approval. So the unvaccinated group can be shrunk more. I have no problem if they tell the unvaccinated to get it or hit the bricks. Masks , which we have never stopped wearing are a necessity when you have a Governor like ours. I’m really seriously looking at New Mexico as an alternative. Housing is very expensive there . I never thought I’d be crying over not being able to find a house 🏠 good enough for 450,000 dollars cash.I really love Acer Palmatum and Acer rubrum. Best wishes in your endeavors, I’d have a hard time literally, with your Cross Fit arrangement😜

Helix Studios said...

He’s had such a great time with Garrett that he starts to wonder if maybe they’re meant for each other.