Saturday, January 11, 2020

new year......................

I think I've mentioned before that I stop by a retired professor's house on Mon and Wed to help pull her husband back into his wheelchair while she lowers the crane from in front?  Since I'm teaching, last week and next, a 2 week course every morning at 8, I offered to go each morning to give the T, Th, and F person a break.  I aim to get there around 7:20 am so that I can get to my office or classroom by 7:30 before class.  I always text right as I'm about to walk out the door so they know I'm 20 minutes away and she can plan to have her husband raised out of bed and into the crane by the time I get there.  Wednesday morning when I arrived, a firetruck and ambulance were parked out front blocking the drive.  I parked next door and walk over and into the house to find about 5 firemen and 2 emt people standing around while the wife was walking around holding a bandage up to her nose.  There was blood all over the kitchen floor, and what had happened is that sometime between me messaging and getting there, she had slipped and fell and cut her forehead pretty badly.  She sort of gathered some things and left with the ambulance.  I arranged a few things for her husband in the room and on his tray stand near his bed and made my way on to work. what a start!
     I mentioned it to my class that morning since I have three students who are emt and planning to go for paramedic degrees.  I have a great class for this intercession!  17 students, and all of them highly motivated.  I can already tell that a few of them are happy enough just to pass and check it off their box with a B or C, but every other one of them are A writers. all different places in life and with different goals etc etc.  boy, I wish I could have classes full of students like this in all my semester classes.  I have a variety of students as well, a lot of children of immigrant families who are driven, Ecuador, Vietnam, and Sudan.  And there is a student from Oman who aims to be a petroleum engineer.  that is the only students who has a bit of bilingual concerns, but he's driven too.
      Anyway, they've already turned in two essays and are writing their third over the weekend.  2 more and then we're done Friday. the extra money from teaching this class during my winter break will help pay off the trip last month. ALso I'm starting to save up for a trip in May. Italy. It's already been agreed upon. I'm going to meet a college friend there who will be visiting her parents who have an apartment in Forli for a month.  we're going to go see them the last week of May.  I'll be traveling separately and I'm hoping to plan a way to see Zurich and Munich and maybe Zagreb before Italy. we'll see.   Oh, btw, I have a new goal of getting to Kiev Ukraine.  within the next year or next fall break, let's see if it happens.
    very very cold this weekend in okc.  I worked out all 5 days this week, but I failed to make the 9am workout this morning.  thing is I have to eat breakfast at 6:30am in order to give myself 2 hours before the workout after eating.  that didn't happen this morning. I had a great deadlift workout yesterday 5 reps of 225 lbs which is a new high for me so I'm good to rest today. ha I hope to make use of the day because I'll be busy all day tomorrow.  I signed up to do a test evacuation at the FAA for some extra work.  It pays $100 and then you get an extra $25 each time you get of the plane in the first 70% which represents the people who lived...
    Have a good weekend all.