Thursday, August 08, 2019

strike a pose...

one more class, almost done...

the last two weeks, I've been busy teaching a two week intersession course. about 3 weeks ago I had a birthday and spent most of it at the OSFA convention I blogged about earlier. Another year and still in good health, I'll take it! :)   Also btw, the paper I mentioned helping my friend with, he got a 95 and messaged me how it was the highest he'd ever had and a thank you. ha. hey, all I did was proofread, it was his thoughts in the paper.
anyway two weeks ago, the week after my birthday, I was at my foks' place fora birthday cake. my mom makes the best double chocolate pound cake. yum . and of course with my favorite ice cream Braums mint chocolate chip.  and my brother and sisters came over. 
then it was all about teaching every morning from 8-12. a class of 17 students. they are all wonderful, and mostly strong writers! all but one international student who I questions her language skills. she's off and on in writing papers so we'll see how it finishes out.  tomorrow they'll turn in the last paper and then done!  next week, no class, just welcome staff back week and meetings all week.  Although, I am leaving Thursday to get away to AR for the weekend.  There is a 50 anniversary thing Thursday night for a former roomate's parents and then Friday my buddy J is taking off all day so we can hang and catch up, then I'll go to the local crossfit, and that night a birthday party with my friend T etc.
Saturday morning is a brunch thing  with the anniversary parents, then I'm open to either come home or I might try to connect with a high school or former Honduran student that lives in the area. we'll see.
my semester begin the next week after that and then I'll return to AR to visit married couple who is bringing their daughter to the college to move in.  busy summer.
oh yeah, 2 weeks ago I went to dinner with the okc gang, S and B and a married couple friends of theirs from church, and then a girl that comes to their pool every weekend. Ned's restaurant in OKC and it was lots of fun, I had a wine, Konstantine Reisling that I thought was so good.
I spent my last week and weekend before the 2 week class started to clean out my storage shed in the back yard.  threw out a bunch of stuff and made room for the 24 windows I've collected so far for my greenhouse project next summer. something fun is I found my stash of slides from highschool slide shows at pep assmeblies.  ha!
well my friend Betty who died last Nov, I have her slide projector and screen (I used to set it up at her place and we'd look back at she and her husband's europe trip slides...) , so I got them out  and put the slides in, and in a very awkward technology way, I took some photos of the slides on the screen with my phone and posted them on FB. ha so that was fun to see comments and memories pop up from HS friends online.
I plan to do more work this weekend. although it's already full.  tomorrow night I'm going to see Hamilton here in OKC! and the Saturday night I"m working at a florist shop in Norman, just for the practice and fun I guess. busy summer. but I thought I'd get a post in this week. cheers all.