Saturday, June 01, 2019

summer break!

well my summer officially started 2 weeks ago, but as soon as the semester ended I began teaching a 2 week COMP 2 course the last 2 weeks from 8am to 12:30.  This gives 3 credit hours to students who need or want to get it finished quick. about half of them or more are usually repeats. I had about half this time who failed for one reason while taking it this spring, about half of my students were actually from OU because they have a really strict attendance policy and you get dropped if you don't make it.  It was tremendous. I had a sharp smart group of 12 students.  not a bad group at all when I'm grading major essay every 2 days.  the class JUST made with 12 as that would've been minimum allowed to let the class happen.  AND I get paid the same as teaching a semester course in 2 weeks. bam! home repair funds!  The class is usually ten days but because of Memorial weekend we had 9.
I went to AR last weekend with T to visit a friend coming to see her folks in Little Rock. I thinki we made the same road trip about 3 years ago?  anyway, instead of making it a whole weekend thing, I drove to Ft. Smith Saturday morning and met T at a college friends house who agreed to let us park T's car there.  I shopped a garden nursery there while waiting and we went to lunch at McLarens? something like that. we'd planned to meet at 11:30(which is when I arrived) but she was an hour late. then we did luch and didn't leave town til like 2. ha!  onward to Little ROck.  we met up at K's parents' house just off of Kavenaugh St in NW Little Rock with lots of coffee shops and stores and really cool nursery Hocutt's.  vistied quite a while with her folks and then a bunch of other friends and people arrived and we went to dinner by 8 at Pantry which was a short walk from their place.
Now, where did we stay?  LAST TIME we went down there is was all up in the air, and T and I assumed K had something in mind for us to stay like her folks' place or something but saw when we arrived that they did not and we ended up spur of the moment crashing at K's sister's place, me on a couch and K and T upstairs in the daughter's room. blah. T and I swore next time we'd get our own hotel room or airbnb..... but no wait.... K said this time she had a plan and wanted us all to stay in an RV by the river (?!?!).  which turned into her brother's RV in his backyard.  So we arrived, after the ate dinner, 10:30pm? or so... very nice RV, air conditioning going etc... however , as he repeated several times, he really should have gone out for a longer water hose so that he could've connected the water. !... ha  so we showered and got ready in his house then went out to the RV. T and I that is, because of some sort of digestive issues K decided she'd better sleep in the guest room indoors since we couldnt' use the bathroom in the RV.  ha ha. 11:30 pm...T and I laughed and laughed at that one while he put our bedding on here queen mattress up front (which was very comfy) and mine in the back, a cushion on the floor, a fold out sort of thingy.  I was up about 3 times during the night going outside the RV to relieve myself and then back to sleep blah blah I was up and awake by 6 .
Turns out her brother has a landscaping business so he and I talked quite a bit about plants and such while all the girls were chit chatting about such and such. (He also has a masters in wine sommelier ? interesting)  and were went back to K's mom's place by 9 for a brunch. on the back patio. it was glorious and wonderful  I spoke to K's sister all through dinner the night before who I know from college and over the years. She is amazing and brilliant. oh!  and their brother, I could talk plants forever and didn't even know he studied wine etc til the ride home. (you have to learn two languages to become a sommelier) well anyway, her folks, same thing. super smart and so nice. Her mom was a teacher and her dad is a retired anesthesiologist. they have lots of stories and wisdom and etc.. I can't get enough of that family.  well we left by 12 or so and went to a few nurseries and then the road to Ft. Smith.
BTW on the way out to Ft. Smith, I took hiway 64 from I 40 to go into town. and when I left Ft. Smith the east bound lane was flooded out.  by last week both lanes flooded out from all the rain.
I got home late Sunday night and CRASHED. Monday I caught up on housework, laundry, yard, and grading papers for class Tuesday. ha
Ive been super busy of course all semester. but the last month I've been getting to work early enough each day to go to a retired profs house across the street from the college to help her lift her husband into his wheelchair.  I have my morning routine set and it's a miracle when I get to work at 7:30 before my 8 am class, so I wasn't doing so well trying to get to their house and then to work etc etc. but doable.  She lifts him out of bed in a Hoyer? crane? and then I help turn him and pull him up from the back side so he goes down into the wheelchair just right. he's pretty large. some sort of scoliosis thing going on and also stroke thing. not sure but he is all there mentally but responds in short bursts.
I even went over Monday morning last week and then came back home but I told them that now that my class is done, I can only help on M and W mornings before my 8am class ( yup I begin teaching summer class this next Monday!)  I'm aso teaching an online Mythology course this summer, so 2 courses which again will help fund some much needed home keep up. I'm also considering a trip this next December since we're out of school a few weeks before Christmas. most likely NYC since I haven't been in a couple years. and then I'm playing with the idea of flying from NYC to Paris or somewhere for a few days? maybe not. we'll see.
today it's raining here so i came in from yard work and will meet up with S and B later for dinner. same ole going on here guys.