Thursday, January 31, 2019

life goes on...

It was a little awkward last weekend getting a flirty dm on insta from a past hookup while I was sitting there all snug and warm on the couch in AR with my friend T from college.  I told her honestly who it was though as I was giggling a little bit texting back. I had posted a photo of me that day in town and he had responded to it in a message about remembering good times, my size blah blah, and making out and all that. I texted back how I remembered meeting the hottie in Austin at a club in his baseball hat. We had connected many times, basically whenever I was visiting Austin and happened to either run into him at a club, or later I think it was by email or?? hmmm  He's running his family's farm now and I think either married or with a bf, always posting photos of him with the cows or on a tractor or etc.. also he posts a lot of photos of him and his partner with another couple at some cowboy bar or eating place etc..  anyway, it was fun to remember and hear from him.
I've had a busy start back to the school semester. I taught an intersession course, one semester's worth in 2 weeks! the extra $$ is worth it though, and while semester started I was working 5 hours shifts twice a week in advising... whoosh. still making it to crossfit each day at 4:30 somehow. and then last week the trip to AR which was a great getaway.
I drove up there after I got off work at 4pm from advising Friday and arrived after 7pm.  picked up T and went to dinner at a restaurant downtown.  we always sit at a table back in the bar area and just take our time. the place we like has the best pretzel bread that comes out to the table with honey butter. Mmmm I think I had something chicken with mashed potatoes? anyway we stayed up late just chatting away. that was the night I got the texts I think.
Saturday i was up early, as T went in to the cafe where she works as the baker at 730. I was at the barber shop downtown when it opened at 8 for a haircut, went to my usual there (when in town) Rob.  next, stopped off at my buddy J's house and visited with him, wife, and kids... then back to T's place by 1030 to meet her after work and drive over to Bentonville to just hang out as we'd planned. In Bentonville we went to the town square there, always fun, and ate at Oven and Tap.  SO GOOD! we got appetizers the doughnuts with coffee sauce and then a sourdough toast with ricotta chesse,honey, and mint on top. Mmmmm  then our pizza also was YUM.  we walked around a bit, went to the Walmart 5 and 10 museum, and eventually drove over to an "artists market" and a store called Kinfolks? a friend of T was showing rugs there.  Made it back to twon and just sat around , made it to dinner with friends by 6pm. J and S and their sons.  the older one in college was there and I had to ask hi all about his semester last fall in Ireland.  Sunday I went to a church with T and her older friend from the Episcopalian church they used to attend together.  they've been going to a newly formed Presbyterian church in town that has taken over a rather historical old church there. it was a great service. loved the hymns! after that we went to lunch at another place downtown, with a out of college young man that works for the guy T knows. ( I know him too actually, he directed me in "Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat" during my college years at the local arts theater. I was Napthali. ha).  anyway the four of us had a nice long lunch. I had a Monte Cristo sandwich and asked for syrup and not the jam in came with. YUM!!!! ha . drove back home after that.
whoah , and now the week is almost already over! I added something to my schedule this week. I'm spending 30 minutes after crossfit at the gym on T and Thurs to lift weights, and on Wed night a bible study at my church down the street.
I've also been off porn (hardcore, vids, etc the Tumlr change was a great help and kick off for it) for a month now and it feels wonderful.  finally broke away, there are several reasons, just research it if you're curious.  I can actually sense myself losing my awkward social skills and looking at people in the eye more and engaging more.  (in my world that means at work and at crossfit).  I'm enjoying getting to know the students in all my new classes this semester as well.  I have a lot of classes full up at 27 in a room.  If I can keep them all coming and making it to the last week, it looks better for my as a prof.  I can't wait to get outdoors this weekend and work in the yard, I think it should be a nice one.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019