Saturday, June 23, 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dude, where's my shirt..... 2.0

dude, where's my shirt?

I woke up this morning at 530, and decided to take hump day (Wednesday) off from swimming this morning. the thing is, I had to get into work early today to get some work done, so I didn't want to mess with going to gym, swimming, then coming back and getting breakfast going etc.... so I laid in bed and checked my instagram on my kindle instead, especially since I'd already hit snooze twice and it was already a quarter til 6am etc.... sure enough, an ad comes up for this company MickyandRicky. And sure enough I impulsed bought one of the 3 shirts above. Can you guess which one?  I've been doing really good saving money all Spring and summer since I have the trip coming up. hardly any new plants, hardly any new clothes other than a few things from Norse Projects that I recall. And of course the shoes I posted about earlier but that's FOR the trip. ha.
Anyway, I never heard of this co. before and really one should be careful because some of those ads are just cheap made in China stuff and sent from China and I figure they're probably making more money off of people's address and emails! ha ha. but yeah it's a real company and I liked the appearance of quality in the shirts and the website overall.  What I like about the first shirt is the cool textured collar and navy trim.  The 2nd shirt, well botanical prints are trending this summer, so why not, it's priced way cheaper than the $100 Norse Projects version ;).  and then the last shirt just looks cool, I like a henley collar on me in the summer, not all the time but now and then, and dark red and white patterns are also trending this summer, which is cool because they go very well with my wine colored converse lo cut shoes.  woot woot.

Monday, June 18, 2018

summer summer summertime!

During the second week of classes, a former student came by my office to drop and say hi.  I've mentioned him before on the blog, he's visited a few times before and is a super nice guy.  I think he relates to me a bit because he knows of my Christian upbringing and he was raised in a private Christian school in Houston. So we have good discussions about the world, world views, life choices, and all that. He is half Mexican and half German descent. ice dark looks, great smile, great shape like a baseball player or dancer, and this time around his hair was in a sort of mohawk with the sides shaved down. He said it was a sort of sumo look? we had a long drawn out conversation about his hobby of longswords and medieval fairs. He was living with his grandfather, but when his gf got remarried, it wasn't working out as well, so now he has his own apt which his grandfather pays half rent.  He's lucky to have the support of family.  He also works as a bartender at some restaurant in OKC.  we discussed his dating life and how well he did last semester with classes, his classes this summer, etc etc. suddenly about an hour and a half had passsed, so I got up to signal that I was on my way home. ha.. He has future plans of getting a teaching degree in History and maybe going back to some shoe in job at his former high school as a History teacher. hmm. okay.
I was also very busy the week before last, even though I was looking forward to my Tuesday and Thursday off for the summer, I helped my family with a project.  My cousin D has not always lived in a wheel chair and at one time was getting therapy to walk again but fell and broke her leg, and since then she's been in the wheel chair.  She had trouble growing up with Muscular Dystrophy. Anyway she was a single mom raising her kid who's now early 30's and then also her 4 yo grandaughter who they all lived together in the same house that she had for about 27 years. Her mom, my aunt L, lost her husband about 4 or 5 years ago and since then has been the only one to come over daily to assist D with all things needing help with. L has been losing some sight lately so the two of them decided to sell their houses and get one to live in together. My dad and sis helped quite a bit getting my aunt's house ready to sell, upgrades and new paint and all that.  My dad and sis also helped paint the new house and install a new handicap bathroom built onto D's room in the new house.  Finally it came time to sell D's house once all had been moved out, and she wanted to sell "as is" but the realtor said no way. ha  so they had spent quite a bit of time repainting EVERYTHING, ripping up carpet, fixing this and that, my dad replaced all the doors and my sis took down all the cabinet drawers in the kitchen and house to repaint etc..  
SO - on Tuesday and Thursday I was over there helping my mom and dad and sister painting stuff, and then the Saturday before this last, I was over there painting and final cleaning and picking up and what was fun is my folks were there, my two sisters and my brother were there. ha only one missing is my little sister who lives way out in the panhandle of OK.  I think they put carpet in this weeek.
Well I really enjoyed my Tues and Thurs last week having to be anywhere and free to work on yard work and house pick up and I watched a movie on Netflix and youtube etc..  Summer is ON!
I watched a movie last week called God's Own Country on Netflix.  I recommend the film. It tells the story visually and slowly.  It's been described as a sort of Irish Brokeback Mountain, but it's a really its own story. I really connected with the main character's loneliness.  An immigrant worker is hired on his farm and there is a nice change in the characters acting out of his sexuality, whereas before it was just quick sex, he is opened up to a bit of tenderness and trust.  I thought about the character for a while and how it must have felt to be so unloved and stuck in such a position never getting of the farm etc.. and then to be shown love and possibilities in life and all that.  I dunno, but check out the film and do get back to me on your thoughts.  It's a rather new film.
I also watched the newest season of Portlandia on netflix. I'm getting up at 530 again and swimming! yay... started last week. I am also going to crossfit , and the swimming hasn't seemed to slow me down any. What gets me most is the dad gum HEAT that we have to work out in. but ah well. loving it.
I'm waiting to get those shoes in the mail this week and trying on the size 8 and 8.5 and send one pair back. or both if they don't seem like a comfortable durable shoe to walk around UK in during my trip.  I've decided to rent a car perhaps while in Manchester and definitely from New Quay while staying in Port Isaac and then drop it off in Oxfor, but I'm undecided whether Europcar is the way to go, they have low prices and I can pay a bit extra a day for Damage and collision insurance with a $354 deductible but then maybe Hertz, so if any has used either of those, let me know. :) As much as I'm looking forward to my trip, I'm concentrating on enjoying summer. My aim is to grab ahold of life each day and enjoy what I'm doing and who I'm with, not jsut the few times I go on a trip for enjoyment. anyway that's my focus lately, although I'm still having fun looking forward to the trip and save save saving money. ha.  Also, the weekend of June 29 I'll be in Topeka for a regional meeting and garden tours. happy summer all!