Friday, June 08, 2018


I heard this song today, reminds me of a late 80's sound like Eddy and the Cruisers, maybe??? a little Psychadelic Furrs? I dunno...

Sunday, June 03, 2018

update while working today...

I have a post to make about working in advising last week, a young adult student that came in for scheduling questions.  also i had a great last week and this weekend. whew! but later....

however, today I'm busy researching and planning and deciding about the trip, and thought I'd share my current process.
I have decided to stay in UK, so thanks for that those who suggested. Today I've made the decision to stay at a hotel instead of a hostel.  I've stayed a few times at the Dover Castle Hostel south of London Tower Bridge which I liked the location being on the south side of the river with so much to see and do just west of that towards the Tate Modern etc.. however that was ten years ago and what with the website saying they cater to a 16-35 year old crowd and the only beds available being 10 bunks in a room, I thought shoot, I have budgeted for rooms under $100 a night so why not get a room where I don't have to lock everything into a locker each day and can come and go nicely, work in a room online etc.  my current research includes Travel Lodge Bethnel Green,  Ibis Budget White Chapel, or Crestfield Hotel which is near King's Cross... hmm the 1st and 3rd have poor reviews online though.  anyway, I'll research more today and figure something out. I suppose I shouldn't leave out AirBNB, which I plan to use for staying in Manchester.
I have a snafu with my bank card, they have pretty tight security and won't let charges come from UK, really exasperating. Every year when I renew my Monocle magazine subscription, I have to use my Arvest bank card which is an account I've left open since college in AR ( also because my stock purchases are through them and it's easier to transfer funds from one to the other).  Anyway, so tomorrow I'm going to call both banks, make sure funds are in the ARvest account and/or tell my credit union to accept charges?? I'll make something work.
I already had a reservation cancelled because of the credit union card, the School Hotel in Port Isaac. (Yes I'ma Doc Marten tv show fan and plan to be a tourist and see the town where it's filmed! ha). if there is a still a night or two open, Sun 7/22 and Mon 7/23, I will rebook asap.  I've been mulling it over all weekend about whether or not to fly or train from Manchester to Port Isaac. the only flights are 4:35pm Sat or Sun from Manchester to New Quay, and so I could either fly down Saturday and stay the night in New Quay, train down early morning Sunday which I'm leaning towards (need to find out if trains have wifi), or fly down Sunday at 4:35 arriving 5:45ish and then another hour or so to Prt Isaac etc etc....thing is the plane or train trip costs about the same either way.
Since I have planned ( as the focus of the trip) to attend the Tatton Park RHS Flower Show in Manchester Friday, I'll have to keep researching what else might be around to see if I stay all day Saturday or if I want to attend both days at Tatton park. hmm.
while in Port Isaac or on the way leaving, I plan to visit or pass through North Tawton however possible.  It's the city where they filmed another favorite British tv show, Jam and Jerusalem. love that show!
current plan (although could totally change) is Thurs, Fri, Sat in Manchester, Sun night in Port Isaac, perhaps also Monday, Tuesday night I hope to stay in Oxford, and then Thursday and rest of vacation LONDON, baby!  happy weekend all. hot summer so far. starting back teaching my one summer class tomorrow.
EDIT:  The Penn Club at Russel Square seems to be the best $102 a night deal I've found so far with the best recent ratings....booked!
EDIT: I'm leaning train down early Sunday morning, this will give me all day Saturday to discover whatever else near Manchester.