Thursday, March 01, 2018

weekend ready...

well after being away from home the last two weekend, I'm really looking forward to being in town this weekend!  had a very busy Monday, stock club meeting at 4pm after work (yes I'm still meeting once a month for the stock club meeting just to sit there and here what great options there are for me to not have anything to invest in). then to crossfit at 530. then home to cook up chicken tenders for dinner the rest of the week.  road show was pretty good this Monday night I will say that, particularly the part about the pardon from Lincoln.
Tuesday and Wednesday flew by, today I made it through my 3 classes and enjoyed them all. T/Th are my English II classes and the one I enjoy teaching the most.  I had a lot of office visits this week. One a guy my age taking my English I class who is retired military and recovering alcoholic and he wanted to talk to me about not having his essay ready to turn in Wednesday and how he had an anxiety attack last weekend trying to think how to write it. I told him relax and take an extra week if he needed to and to email me when he got a writer's block and I'd try to help.  He also told me he was diagnosed with PTSD symptoms last week and he felt like he was falling back on that as a crutch for his anxiety attack and almost thought about dropping the class but how he wanted to finish it to show his daughter in highschool and example etc etc..  I asked if he had a current sponsor or group he went to weekly and he said no that he'd been going to a church that has a recover group but that he hadn't joined one of the community group meetings yet . anyway, he left felling better about it and hopefully encouraged.
Another student came by to talk about her son who had been hit on the hand by a teacher's aide and also pulled by the arm to get in line, and she had complained about to the principal last semester but never heard any follow through, and then had her first teacher/parent meeting a few weeks ago and was surprised to find out it was the first the classroom teacher had ever heard about it.  turned out the principal had been replaced over break. so she spoke again to the new principal , who asked she put it in writing and give to him, she wants a paper trail at least or some sort of record of complaint! anyway, she sent me the letter to read and I assured her it was to the point and sounded reasonable and not like just some mom being over worried or crazy.   a co worker who i don't bother speaking to too much came by and sat down and talked about how he had been asked by the librarian to do a "Book talk" about the book he wrote last year, yet the VP of academics declined the approval.  I agreed with him completely that sort of thing gives merit to our division and how dare they not be willing to promote a published author's work etc etc..  anyway that was my week.
Crossfit all 4 days this week! yes!!  monday was a lot of air squats! Tuesday was front squats, yesterday was overhead squats and pullups, and today was hanging power cleans and shoulder to overhead. ugh!!!  I'm goig again tomorrow but to the later 630 strength training class.  my goal si to start morning swims again soon and see if i can really keep up with doing both each day. ha we'll see about that.
I am SO HAPPY to be home this weekend, just wanted to say that again. I'm going to get laundry caught up, cleaned AND put away.  also i want to work outside in  my yard. clean up everything and spread out Azomite, milorganite, compost, alfalfa pellets, and mulch in well.  don't worry it's all organic completely. Spring is going to be around the corner and I want to get ready. and back outside if it's warm enough. 
I was going to go to a puppet show theater thing at work tonight but decided nah! tomorrow night I'm planning to see some academy award nominated short films at the museum downtown. and then Saturday my best buddy A who I never see anymore since we quit moving furniture, well it's a surprise bday party that her wife is throwing. that should be fun.  no plans with my buddy Scott and B and haven't seen them the last 2 weekends booo!!! but ilan to dorp by and see them at some point.
For anyone watching the Olympics, it's okay if you like Adam Rippon, but I'm sick and tired of his fake celebrity all of sudden. please don't hold it against me, such not a fan.  I am a fan and started following on instagram Johnny Weir though!  he is fabulous all around!!! :) I enjoyed watching the Olympics this year. I still love Katie Couric and I had fun following her instagram stories too.
guys, my butt and legs are changing, I wore a pair of jeans in Wichita Falls last weekend that I hadn't had on in a while, and when I stood back up I had to pull them down off my thighs. ha!!! they are like skinny stretchy type jeans, but anyway, that hadn't happened before. yes, I want to keep growing. I'm already cutting back on sugar anything in prep for summer cuz I want to keep up with getting in shape. summer right around the corner, let's get to it!