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Monday, January 15, 2018

end of winter break!

I taught and INTERSESSION class during break, ha I don't know why I thought that had a "c" in it.
it was quite an interesting break, and not much of a break really, but the income from it will be good.
Because Monday was Jan 1st, the course was 9 days, basically there was an essay due on day 2, day 3, day 5, day 7, and then last Friday day 9. there were some challenges.  I had 15 enrolled and 3 missed the first day, then one dropped and 2 caught right up.  by the second week another student dropped.  It just takes a lot of time, in class from 8 am to 12:30 each morning and then reading and writing homework each night.  12 of the 13 students who finished it out were wonderful students, really receptive, participated in everything, and wrote solid papers. the 13th student was an "international student" which by the end of the week I was telling a friend that the guy should have that on his tombstone because he mentioned it as part of his excuse for things DAILY! as if it meant anything to me, after all I've taught Int. students for YEARS doing ESL and then now in college working with them (fairly!) each semester.  It was a bad situation because the intersession rules are firm about no late work accepted at all, and grade deducted a letter grade for any day missed, and this guy mised all of the 2nd day and then the 4th day, Friday at the end of the first week.  I was pretty upset about it and couldn;t figure out how to get him to drop the course since he hadn't turned in the first few papers (earning a zero) and then missed 2 days of the first week (two letter grades reduced), and I went to my former Dean to speak about it.  UGGGGHHH!!! well guess what, it was a title 9 "pregnancy and parenting" situation, which what that means is we are asked to work with students who claim the difficulty and to make accommodations etc.
What frustrated me and had me wanting to find another job immediately during the weekend after the first week was the ambiguity of the whole ordeal. My boss mentioned it was a special case blah blah blah and all he needed was this one class to finish his degree wtih us blah blah blah... the thing is he had twins babies that were older than 6 months, and the policy is really more for pregnant mothers or those with babies up to 6 or 9 months etc. however it also applies to the fathers..... this guy was just sort of taking advantage of it to the nth degree. Although the students hadn't turned anything in or responded to any email, I had calmed down by Monday. I decided to just push this guy through and then cause a stink about it this semester.
It is a policy that had already caused concern the semester before with a pregnant student who had a baby halfway through the semester and then quit coming the rest of the semester.  she did email and turned in most of her papers by the end... well not of course I'm really inspired to demand more clarity in the policy. the thing is it's completely unfair to the other students who are following the policy and breaking their butts to turn things in on time.  it's also unfair to the professors who seem stripped of all authority and it seems to be just to the whim of when a student can turn something in. Who is the authority then, the students?  is the it title 9 coordinator?  are we allowed to enforce any time limits? can we ask for terms of a contract when things will be done?  does it require a doctor's note? does the title 9 person decide or is it just a bunch of hooey policy to avoid money lost to being sued?!?!?!  well anyway, i"m going to push for more clarity in the policy and straight up front terms being decided upon once the policy is requested/put into play etc.
Don't even get me started on the student who was allowed an adult helper in class with him to take notes for him and I guess help him away from class be prepared for stuff???  I normally just go along with whatever/however the school is run, but after 5 years on staff I'd like to become more involved in keeping the place a quality institution I can be proud to be a part of, and with the situation I had with the one student last couple of weeks, not currently feeling that way. :) ha ( he turned in the first 2 papers midweek of last week, and then the 4th paper on the day it was due (wednesday) and then the paper due Friday he turned in Sunday and I don't know what/if/when he will turn in paper 3???? I'm supposed to turn in grades tomorrow morning, so figure that one out.
SO! i was also working in advising which is a LOT of fun because I'm a friendly and empathic person and can sit there with each student coming in and chat them up calm them down, help them choose the classes they need to get the degree etc... I spoke to all kinds of students, some nice looking guys with big hands, some country types, nerd types, fun shy types, big type of guys, and girls etc.. working 1 to 6 on Tues and Wed meant that i was working 8 to 12:30, then 1 to 6, then doing crossfit at 6:30 the last two Tuesdays and last Friday, but not wed since I had papers to grade I just went home after 6pm.
I was keeping up with my work outs though. and last Friday at 6:30 was the lift clinic, a different coach a black, maybe black asian mix, former drill seargent, maybe something younger than me.  He is on the ball with keeping an eye on everyone and monitoring technique and form etc.  I loved it and got a great workout and coaching on my clean and jerk. man I felt it in my butt and legs all weekend. and going back for today's workout, i could tell I'm getting better with the clean and squats!
Saturday the 6th we all went to dinner at Mama Rojas here in OKC, S and B, Geoff and David, and their friend Angela from Tulsa. our married couple friends G and D moved to Idaho! it was their last night. alas. I'm not sure who we'll get together now for card games and such, we'll need to make more friends.  just this last weekend, I was grading and chilling and enjoy my 3 day weekend, watched some videos, shopped online, spoke to a few friends on the phone. Sunday after church I called a friend that cut my hair, 28 yo latin, H to meet me for pizza lunch. he's a cutie and super fun guy to hand out with. we had a bit more personal talk about past hookups/dates etc. he's single now and has met a few guys at the bars in town and one on grindr.  I'm hoping to become better friends and get him to hang out with S and B and us sometime.also since I know he's recently single it was easy to call him up to hang out figuring he was at home maybe available to hang out like single me. ha
well my very best gf from college is having a hysterectomy Thursday this week. I'm a little nervous but mainly calm about it, worried for her more or less, her parents drove down from MI today to stay a few weeks with her. I ordered flowers for her at work tomorrow and then I plan to maybe drive up and visit next Saturday, although I don't know what shape she'll be in, so I'l wait and ask her folks before going up.
the next weekend, I'm taking a course at another community college in town, it's Fri 5-9, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5. Beginning Floral Design, yup, i'm admitting it here on my blog, I plan to learn more about arranging flowers! ha
January should literally fly by. and then I'm going to be out of town two weekends in February also so that should get me faster to suddenly Spring Break right?
oh! I almost forgot, did anyone happen to watch the CBS news last Friday morning. Gayle King made a comment after a story about a political sex scandal in MO. when they came back to the desk, she said: why are men bad people?  talk about man bashing or pushing an agenda...... I was surprised. the new guy Dickerson laughed somewhat awkwardly and said something about well since man was created ha ha.  commercial, and then coming back from commercial the she didn't cut out the awkwardness and introducing the man across the table to speak about a Facebook news story, she says " you're a man...chuckle..   boy did that really get on my nerves in its subtlety.  can women be bad people? could you not have said why are politicians bad people? racist much? would you EVER say something like that remark coming back from an immigrant story or any ethnic group story that had done something criminal? NOPE!! only acceptable when it's a majority you're bashing or judging or stereotyping to be represented the same as one individual. I kept waiting to find it pointed out somewhere online but, nah, nothing, accepted and America was unphased.
okay well anyway, you know I don't want to be political on here.  just remember that having a day off for MLK the civil rights leader is a good thing for everybody, it began with better civil rights for AFrican Americans, but it's also everyone's history today! Civil rights for anyone you know Asian, Latino, East Indian, etc etc gay, transgender, biracially married, etc. Civil rights for all really. hope some of you had a good day off! :)

gone so soon.............

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