Thursday, November 08, 2018

almost Nov wknd....

what a nice week. so fall! getting cooler by the day and this weekend freezing Friday night. whoosh!  the leaves have been turning so nicely with all the fall rain this year.  I swam laps each morning this week and have been doing crossfit every afternoon. 4 days in! woot. EXCEPT I did not make it to swim this morning. I was asked by a former retired coworker to come over at 7am and help move her husband into his wheelchair since the neighbor that usually helps every morning wasn't going to be able to today.  SO instead of swimming I got ready for the day early and breakfasted and over there by 7am. It just involved leaving my house about 30 minutes earlier than usual since I try to be at work most days by 730. :)
When I got there, she had him in a sort of hammock swing hanging from a manual lift in his bedroom. and needed my help to pull him from behind sort of back and up so that he'd go down just right into his motorized wheelchair as she lowered from in front etc...  taught all my classes well enough today... I spend about 2/3/rd of the class teaching and the last third students writing a part of their next essay in class on computers.  I've enjoyed having only 5 classes this semester and building a better rapport with students.  taking the time to speak to them and listen and give feedback and look at them in the eyes, throw out a few good bits of advice now and then about growing up, washing hands, getting sleep, enrolling early, blah blah.. all this helps develop a certain amount of respect which I think we are all pleased with. after crossfit today I came home and brought some plants inside. almost had a fit in the kitchen when a wasp starting buzzing around and then started bobbing up and down in my direction and I started screaming to myself and went for it with the kitchen towel. ha!  stomped many times on the towel on the floor, disposed of poor wasp. oh well.
S and B called to ask if they could come over for a set of Bose hadphones that S gave me a few years ago. B has a plane trip tomorrow to see his son in Seattle for the weekend.  after dinner I texted and said stay there, I'll bring them over.  they said, bring your swimsuit and we'll soak in the hot tub.  on this first cold cold evening that really hit the spot. I came home now and am nice and relaxed and ready to Zzzzzz 
I plan to drive to TUlsa tomorrow morning to meet my bud J from AR. We;ve been trying for a while to meet up there.  I thinkhe's bringing his family to shop and run around while we hang together? or I don't know but I'm bummed it's not just me and him, but I can't be too selfish, he's married with 3 kids, but I when I had the idea of meeting him and catching up in TUlsa it wasn't with his family so I'm not overly excited, but I still plan to enjoy seeing him and catching up.  too bad because he might have had the coming out speech from me if we'd been just us two. wah wah.
happy weekend all!

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