Tuesday, November 07, 2017

dan's favorites...

I love this and can grade to it forever.... I listened to this last fall 2016 for quite a while while at work in my office on my computer speakers. ha...up until the radio station website took it down. I found it again just this week while searching mixes by the same dj. yay! 28.00 on gets really interesting..... may not be for everyone, okay. ciao

Monday, November 06, 2017

Monday already............

feeling pretty miserable today. not physically just attitude. I'm cranky. the foster cat is getting on my nerves because of flea issues and just a lot of other things. man I'm really regretting not calling my vet friend over on DAY ONE when I noticed the thing crying out from the shrub between my house and the neighbors.  OR I should have asked the neighbor, is that your cat? and then let them feed it and make it their problem.  I was trying to the right thing, feed it and wait for my vet friend to eventually tell me where to take it to be adopted out.  But I failed.  Perhaps if i'd neglected it, it could have fed the native wildlife like a hawk or something? hmm
Don't get me wrong I'm very loving to the cat and keep it fed, I just never wanted it and the feeling hasn't gone away. alas!  but I'm also in a bad mood because I got 2 classes of papers in today and still have an online class to get through blah blah. sorry boring stuff. I'm not complaining, just explaining! promise! ha ha.
I actually had a pretty good day. taking advantage of daylight savings so that I'm in bed at 9 and up at 5ish to go swim laps at 530. AND i made it to cross fit after work, so my goal is to swim every morning and still go 4 days a week to cross fit.
oh I remembered another reason I felt cranky driving home. I think my trip to Cuba is going to be cancelled/postponed.... I mouthed about it last week to my vet friend while at cross fit ( she and her sister go 4 times a week also but sometime different times than me) and tonight she was asking about who i was going with, was it safe, and how about she go with me?  well I really just wanted to get away and go to a new place without worrying about a companion. ALSO since we dont' have a whole lot in common, I mean I want to see everything cultural and art and buildings and whatever details I find etc just discover! ahh what a way to travel. I love it! I eman sure I'd like a travel companion but like a friend or guy that we go out and discover a country together, if that makes sense? anyway. so it's off for now..
I made chocolate chip cookies tonight after dinner to snack on the dough, and then I'll bring a few to work for lunch the rest of the week. It's a pretty busy week because Friday instead of office hours all day I'll be on the committee interviewing prospective deans all day. 4 by skype and 1 in person.  We all reviewed the questions via email today and I gave my 2 cents, mainly editing the wording and which ones needed to be combined or could be left out.  I wasn't to secure about offering any questions to the mix, basically I'm all about them all having the same questions and then how their responses reveal about them etc. 
i also got an email about our English classes and what should we do about the students who write about traffiking or rape in the narrative essays.  Apparently some professors including part time would rather not read about such and/ or are confused about what to report or liability etc.  I suggested they should be reviewing /approving topics before the papers are written and I also suggested they put a statement on the assignment prompt page in the course along the lines of not choosing something too personal or violent, traumatic, or sexual in nature. something like that.. we're working on it. I felt appreciated being in on the loop on that one.
to bed to bed! shirt and tie and pants all ready for gym tomorrow so I can come home from swimming ready for work and just do breakfast. yay!  I plan to sty after my last class is over at 4pm and work in my office for a couple hours, getting home by say 6:30 after dark now with time change.
week off to a good start!