Saturday, October 14, 2017

uniqlo fall.............

some online window shopping this morning.....was just checking on a favorite stop, Uniqlo. they have some Eames furniture on t shirts that I liked. The fish sweater of course caught my eye because I love anything fish, yet in Oklahoma there aren't too many days where you want to wear a lambswool sweater to work/indoors. the COLDEST of days perhaps. I also saw these two bags shown above, one is $20 and the other $40. They seem like good travel bags for an overnight or carry-on? I got a $20 one in green (they have black, grey, and navy too I think). I wanted to see if it goes with my Monocle/Porter luggage and also I want to give one to a college kid at my alma mater. The sweater and matching scarf though! man, I'm weak for matching things. happy fall weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

work work work.................

cool down.................

enjoyed the weekend weather was so great and cool. fall fall y'all! I had nothing to grade and just got caught up on stuff around the house, there were some boxes and stacks of things I got rid of, did laundry, organized some things. I came really really close to ripping out the carpet here in the main central room, but did not, I may do it this weekend we'll see.  I'm not sure what the floors are underneath, I now they're wooden floors and probably mostly nice since the hallway and the guest bedroom are wooden floors and nice.  but I think there might be a weird hole or board covering where the old furnace used to be in front of the doorway into the hallway.  I live in a simple bungalow built in '27. You walk into a main living room opened up into the dining area straight back to the kitchen with a bar looking into the little galley kitchen.  on the left in the middle is a doorway into a little hallway area with a bathroom right across from the doorway and a bedroom to the left (back towards the front of the house) and then to the right, my bedroom door, a bit larger bedroom. That's about it! ha  except at some point they added a room onto the back door in the kitchen so there is a little extra room back there where I have the upright honkey tonk piano that I grew up with along the wall backing up to the kitchen, and then to the right laundry area. to the left is a little hallway that goes down stairs to a basement sort of space with the water heater in it. (compared to a similar house across the street, this used to be a cellar entrance that was made into a stair way down to there from the back room etc.).
Anyway, I moved the piano back there after a few years of living here because stuff on top of it rattled whenever I walked across the room since I'm on a raised wooden floor.  the back room addition is on a cement slab so it's been there ever since.
I went to crossfit on Thursday last week since I thought I'd be out of town, but then I decided to skip college homecoming this year. Friday after work I was free then to go visit my sister west of the city. had a good long visit with her, talking about her work for a missionary and about a Men's conference in February that she helps with the planning etc. also her garden and plants and kids etc. made my way back home by 530 and stopped by McDonalds for something fast and quick and easy. I was so hungry! I got their new chicken tenders and I have to say YUM!!! "chicken" . I watched Thursday's episode of Project Runway from the night before, I pay $1.99 each week to watch the new episode since I don't have cable, but hey, I love the show.  i was shopping online and found some vintage Christmas cards that I ordered. I love finding some random old style cards each year to send out! and this year I found some great coastal art ink drawings from '77 in Seattle with holiday theme. ha  I was watching one the fish tank youtube channels I follow and the guy mentioned selling some of his fish and plants.  I impulse went to his website and bought some. oops! ha ha
Satruday morning I was up lounging around and getting breakfast out of the way, out in the yard, digging and moving plants. working inside and out, and then lunch. after lunch...............Petsmart. yes, I went to Petsmart and bought a 20 gallone aquarium kit that came with a little hood with a light and a filter etc. I came back home and took everything out of box, washed the tank, put some river sand in it, changed the water a bit, brought it inside, set it up, got the filter going etc etc etc. I'm all in , baby! ha the fish should arrive Thursday or Friday?
Saturday night I met buddy S and B at Jason's Deli for dinner, lots of chatting and catching up about our weeks, then they left to see a movie "It" that I wasn't game for. I never see horror movies btw, trash in trash out, I dont' watch crime shows much either, although i don't mind some NCIS ruruns now and then. ;). Sunday was the usual church, groceries, home and CHILL a CHILL a CHILL....sigh. was nice to wake up to a cool morning Monday and today.  I got to layer a jacket over my shirt and tie today and wear a zip up sweater yesterday. I'm enjoying breaking out some of my new ties and shirts little by little this semester. color! personality!
This Friday is the first hiring committee meeting. I cant wait to see who all applied, especially maybe from people I work with?? it's quite a process having up 60 or 100 or however many applicants to go through and choose say top ten? ten? we're asked to come together to the next meeting with our top candidates and then we all compare why we chose this one or that one, and nail it down to how many we might want to actually interview. UGHHHHH a long process, but I really love it, everyone asked the same questions, and then with each one, the points we're looking for reveal themselves. this is my 4th time being on a hiring committee and I love the comparing and criteria checks!
weekend not too far away, get through Wednesday first. :)