Thursday, September 21, 2017

work it...........

4th week..............

well I'm surviving cross fitting 3 times a week. I have begun a routine of M,W,and F's. it's intense and crazy.  I am not able to do everything on time like they have planned for the "metcon" level, but I'm fine because the beginning is a very good place to start. And I'm patient and know that time and effort gets results. etc. ha  I've had to get used to the way it goes, basically you have all these different workout to do in sets repeated in a certain amount of time.  It seems we do strength training for a while and then the work out, which is a LOT of cardio and stuff with weights.  leg and shoulders mostly,
I'm having to learn the rythm and movement in doing a power clean.  there is also an overhead thrust with the bar.  There is also a calorie bicycle that will burn you out like craziness! whew!!! So suddenly yesterday I'm standing there with 5 other people and I have a "training" bar with 15lbs on both sides and I'm doing 3 power cleans, then with bar on chest, squats, and then 3 thrust above head blah blah....  I really like it, I just wish I had the strength and coordination to do it right. but it'll come.  other people there always encourage and cheer each other on, so that's nice.
I also like that the 4:30 class is usually smaller group.  I like the club music they play during our exercise time, but I don't like the explicit lyric gansta rap crap that comes on.  That's the only thing that will have me leaving eventually if it ever got on my nerves enough. otherwise, I'm still all in and hope to keep going and see what happens and all that. whew!!  It's tough but I always feel great after doing it.  I do plan to be careful with my back and knees and all that, form and posture etc. the guy in charge seems to watch pretty carefully everything we do and tells us if it's wrong.
I have papers graded! woot woot. this weekend I hope to be free to play in the yard and pick up the house.   I made an appointment for the stray cat I found as a kitten last may and have been "fostering" to get neutered and vaccinated next Thursday, I think it's like $35 and $10. it's cheaper because of a nonprofit org.  I don't know other than I have to bring cash. ha.  I decided not to get the microchip though and save $25. I also have a student interested in taking the cat! even better!
I volunteered to take over a class for a prof who had to leave suddenly last week.  full time is 15 hours, which means five 3 hour classes for me.  I already have an extra 3 hour class online and two 1 hour labs classes. total 20.  so now I pick up another COMP class, 23. I must be crazy because it means I'll have 4 English 1 classes which could get sticky when papers are due and I'm trying to grade them all in a week. but I CAN DO IT and the TRUCK WILL BE PAID OFF! ;)
I've been watching some Dave Rubin videos online, a good one today with Bret Weinstein. I watched another about James Damore.  also many Brendan ONeil videos etc... all very interesting.
Reed college had a student protest against teaching a Humanities course and are demanding it no longer be required by students. so many things going on out there. wow. there is a youtue video called : Gender wars: is masculinity toxic for boys. whoah ???
hope everyone is having a great beginning of fall. I've gotten some ties in the mail and some shirts arrive tomorrow I think. ha so I'm about ready for fall. :P

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

more Brendan O................

sounds interesting, but I don't claim to understand it all. The comments on this video mostly disagree...hmmm I'm crazy busy this week with work . back soon. :)