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summer done now.....

oh what a great long weekend it was! ready to get this school year on and it's already of to a great start.  I've been trying to myself a little more 100 % into my job and not restrict myself to being out by 3pm to the gym every day and staying a bit later to get stuff done, which means not bringing stuff home lingering etc. blah!  and after 4 years of same ole working out every day after work, I'm switching to something new. a crossfit gym! I began last THursday, survived that and went Friday.  then Monday I went back for the 5pm class with about 20 people and it killed me, legs! ugh, all the running with a weight and then the lunges, oh!!!  I didn't go today because I work until 4 on Tuesdays and can't get back to town by the 4:30 class.  I plan/hope to make it 4 times a week and maybe start swimming in the mornings again as well. we'll see. I am looking forward to the challenge even though I'm in the beginner level . Basically who ever is there for a session, they divide us up into 3 groups: beginning, athlete, and competitor.  So I guess at this point my goal is to reach athlete level within the next year? or 2? ha  
Also, I don't know if I mentioned it before but for a few weeks now my fridge was messed up. water draining in the bottom fridge suddenly started freezing up at the top of the fridge, and then the freezer was way too cold and then the fridge part warmer and I was frustrated thinking it was breaking down.  Now I know what it was, the ice blocked all the air flow from the freezer above.  I defrosted the whole thing Sunday when I got home from church.  the kicker was as I was emptying things and throwing stuff away and putting shelves into the sink, I ran the disposal and water came out from under the sink cupboard onto the floor? I turned it on and off again and got shocked from the switch. So yeah that fell apart and I'll be replacing it. 
anyhow, after thoroughly defrosting everything and cleaning everything and drying everything up, checking the drain hole in the back of the freezer etc. it's working again! woot woot. I took everything out of the iceboxes I had my lunch meat and eggs and milk and all that in, and started cleaning up the kitchen etc. I also want to mention that I was bingewatching amazon prime "Dirk Gently" season one.  I couldn't stop watching it after beginning epi one.  I was intrigued that it was based on a Douglas Adams novel. It has some blood and violence but not in an overly graphic gory way. It's sort of dark comedy maybe? I'd describe it as sort of like Dr. Who meets Sherlock holmes meets hitchhiker guide to galaxy? ha  anyway, I enjoyed it and everything coming together at the end of course.  I also watched season one of Cranford on Amazon Prime which I've watched before in broken clips on youtube years ago, so it was nice to just watch it all original.
Other weekend updates - I went out to IHOP with my vet friend A after crossfit Friday night, and then at 8p went downtown to see a movie at the art museum, which I thought I'd enjoy, Trip to Spain with Rob Brydon and another British actor, 3rd in a series, which I've never been inclined to watch, but since it was Spain and since I love Rob Brydon!!! in Stacy and Gareth and Doc Marten, and since I LOVE SPAIN, I thought why not?  well the reason why not is that it's a train wreck. It tries to be a documentary and a drama and it's horrible because it's so confusing! Either make it a straight up documentary or make it an acted drama movie, not both!!! and make it something! is it about their relationship? the places they stop to eat? the sight seeing ? the travel? I don't know . it ends with a scene of the guy's car running out of gas and I thought this movie ran out of gas many minutes ago! Whew!! but I did really enjoy getting out and downtown on a Friday night. I plan to go back for a movie this weekend or next. a viewing of a Wes Anderson documentary on the creator of Blade Runner movie? and then a science fiction movie in Russian , Solaris.
Saturday I worked in the yard most of the day, relaxed and cleaned up inside, lunch at the local pizza place of course. stayed to myself at home and it was a wonderful relaxing weekend doing so!  Sunday I went to church, then grocery, home project as mentioned, yard work.  Monday I lingered around the house all morning, late breakfast, yard work (which is fun for me)  then went over to S and B's poolside for about an hour before going to the 5pm workout I mentioned earlier.  I met them for Mexican food afterwards and talked non stop I felt so great from the work out even though my face was glowing red from the running and everything. so great!  I love that this is a four day week. I'm trying to resist getting some ties online tonight. hope everyone is off to a good start to FALL! :P