Tuesday, August 22, 2017

teamwork counts..........

shopping account.....

You asked about the price of things...BR at the mall, with my 60% off from getting the card, the jeans cost each $47.20 (priced $118, ridiculous), which is still a lot for a pair of jeans, but I've been wearing the same ole pairs of H&M jeans for at least 5 years now and was due a new pair of blue and black.  the shorts $23.80($59.60 ridiculous for shorts!), and the pants $27.80($69.50) which still was my worse value on pants that day and will probably be returned.
BR outlet, chino for $21.60 (not $59.99 as if that's an outlet price, yawn), mini hound black pants $17.99 (not $69.99), and another pair of khakis $25.20 ( not $69.99) and I wore that last pair today, totally worth it! :)
J. Crew outlet, pair of green pants I was looking for $30.34 (not $59.60) which now that I think about it, I'm okay paying that much because I wanted a dark khaki green pair all last fall.
Forever 21, four undershirts at $4.16 each, they fit just so right etc blah blah...
Van Heusen, two shirts, $12 each, work clothes, solid.
and the fun shirt from Perry Ellis, $27.80 and I"m a loving that one had to have it. ha but it was a splurge purchase I admit.
total back to school expense: $281.20 if I take the pants back as planned ( will Grant be working though.....)  I hadn't thought of it as spending that much, but all the BR stuff went on my new BR card, and the other stuff I sort of dispersed between my debit card and credit card. ha! so that helps.
first week of classes back to school are going wonderfully. have met all students and they all seem responsive and participatory so we'll see who actually can handle the commitment of coming to all the classes and doing the work. ha 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

summer fit............

16 34/35 32 34 9 etc.....

had a great Saturday on campus more or less, we weren't super packed with new students so it went by nicely, steady and chill. I got my 6 hours finished 9 to 3, and headed on over to S and B's pool. ha... there was a friend C there that I hadn't seen in about a year, and don't really make any effort to hang out with or be around, and then another guy G who I haven't seen in years that S and I know through a mutual friend that passed on many years ago..... alas.  also, one half of the married couple we played cards with last weekend was there. also some single girl they met through a neighbor who comes every weekend to hang out in the pool with them for some reason.  I got walked through the back gate and said hi, then stood behind the grill counter on the back porch and stripped down and through on my swim suit as usual. jumped in , splashed around and floated around not much into whatever they were talking about. spoke with S for a while about things... very nice fun and relaxing and got COOLED OFF> ha :).  was only in the pool for about an hour 330 to 430.... at some point the one half of the couple left and then a former Mrs. OK showed up with her baby, they know her from a mutual friend that does pageants and also she's the reason they have 2 dogs because she does dog rescue etc... anyway, I got out of the pool and went inside to shower up and change because I wanted to get to the mall.
S had sent me an email from Banana R last week about a weekend sale for cardholders, 50% regular items at the store, and 40% total purchase from the outlet store.  well there was a pair of jeans I'd wanted since beginning of summer so S emailed me to say get those jeans! ha... I wasn't a card holder so S was going to go online and get them for me, but we weren't sure which style. SO! Saturday i wanted to go back to the mall , which I did.  My plan was to just go ahead and sign up for a card.
(Thing is, I worked doing equity loans many years ago when Lendingtree.com was new online and the bank I worked at got a lot of loans, and I processed many.  God had a good plan in me having that job because I learned all about credit reports. ha!  since then I've kep ONE credit card only.  I've kept it paid off, mostly, each month.  I do have a debit card to another bank, an old college account which my investment account is attached to and which I leave open because I can access the money when selling stocks easily.  anyway, you get the idea.. one credit card and an excellent credit score over 800. :P   )
I had the email coupon saved as a photo on my phone, left S and B's , and drove over to the mall a few miles away from their place.  It was pretty busy with back to school shoppers I guess.  I parked and bee inside for BR.  Hello, Grant! gulp!... so this tall blond young man, muscly shoulders with a not too tight white polo and summer dress shorts and socks and some sort of cut patterned leather oxfords asked if he could help.  let me just say, whoever is hiring at this store....you know your customers!! ha ha.. anyway, he was very helpful as I asked about a jean I'd been watching out for all summer to go down in price, super stretchy and comfy...  He pointed at a row of them on a table, and said, must be the Traveler because we got all the other ones in just recently. yes!  asked my size and found a 32/34 for me...  I told the guy I wanted to sign up for a credit card in hopes of using a 50% coupon. to which he said, well if you get a CC then you'll get 60% off your purchase. Well in that case, let me get a pair of the Traveler jeans in black too. :).  He helped me to the dressing room where I began trying on the blue jeans. came outside to look in the mirror, pretended a bit unsure and asked him how they fit. yes I'm a sucker for conversation, I live alone. they fit like a glove. I didnt' bother trying on the black pair. I then went over to the pants table to see what khaki pants might be best, apparently the Aiden is slimmer fit than the Emerson, and I asked for my size in the Emerson. I also grabbed some dark khaki green dress shorts. He began getting all my info into his hand device for the CC while I went to try on the pants and shorts.  I decided to get all 4 things, he had me enter some numbers into the phone device and then I looked around a bit more before going to the register to pay.
A tall dark short haired guy helped me there, and I overheard Grant say he was from either Broken Bow or Broken Arrow and the guy helping me was from Jenks.  I asked the guy if I could go put on the blue jeans to replace the dorky old grey pair I was wearing ( this is because I was going to go back over to S and B's to go have dinner with them at 6). went and changed, brought the guy my old jeans to put in my bag with everything else, and on the way out thanked Grant for everything etc.
Ya know, I figure with every shopping online now more and more, businesses should probably be trying harder and harder to get the employees to engage with customers.  having the salesman find sizes and help with stuff goes a long way for me when I'm in the mood to have help. aka doing their job. I went by J. Crew on the way out of the mall, didn't see much but a few plaid shirts had some good color combos.
When I went back to S and B's a married couple arrived that B knows with their baby and were in the pool. so I showed S the jeans I was wearing and said cheers and left for home.
This morning went to church, then to the grocery store. then to Michaels for a letter E for work (I bought an A,&, and H last week, but our division name changed so I needed an E.) then came home to drop off the groceries.  Next stop, the outlet mall! ha I wanted to see what I could find at the outlet banana for work pants.  Most things there were 40% off which meant I'd get an extra %40 after that! I bought 3 pairs of pants, khaki emerson, black subtly patterned Aiden but they fit, and a pair of "slim" khaki other style.  Next to J. Crew, where I found a dark khaki green pair of pants 40% off, and then an extra 15% as an educator. ;).  walked in and out of gap. blah too busy and nothing there. then ate lunch at the food court, then walked over to Forever 21 and bought 4 undershirts. (I'm actually against shopping at Forever 21 because they are considered a "fast fashion" store that uses unethical cheap labor over seas, HOWEVER their style of undershirt fits just right and is just lightweight enough it never feels too hot or tight or loose etc etc under my other shirts.. alas!)  I went into the Van Heusen store for a few marked down $12 dress shirts. one a nice bold blue color and the other a dark dark grey. Also got a fun multicolored dress shirt for $27 which looked kind of too flashy on the rack, but when I tried on with my jeans, it was awesomeness... ha. What I really want is a burnt orange and dark green dress shirt to wear with ties this fall, but I'll keep looking....
I got on the highway and zipped up north of town to visit my friend A, the one I move furniture with.  She and her wife and 3 kids were home and her step sister was visiting from Rhode Island and I'd been invited to come over and see them. I was over there for about an hour and a half and made it back home by 5pm.  tried on shirts and looked to see what ties matched with the shirts, and I tried on all the pants again . I'll probably return the pair of khakis I got at BR since they ended up being worst bargain.
Classes start tomorrow, so I'm about to get clothes ready for the morning and morning dishes cleaned and ready for breakfast. Happy New Year , all! (school year) I'm hoping for a great fall. I have some personal goals I've been preparing myself for, and I'm feeling a bit more confident and personal self esteem-wise. overall, I'm glad to be getting back into my routine. When I noticed the fit of  Grant's white polo, and the way you could see a small bump of his nipple underneath, it seemed a bit of motivation to maintain a workout regime.  hopefully I'll start working out again or at least swimming daily laps again..... we'll see.