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advising is awesome........

well, I didn't realize it's been a week since I'd written anything. I really appreciate the feedback and comments from the last post, btw. I'm figuring it all out and finding clarity.  last week I had a great time having days off, and the two days I worked, T and Th, were so great because in advising I actually call students' names from a cue that are waiting to see somebody about what classes to take, so I pull up their information and speak to them about what classes to take next etc blah blah, the computer tells me everything about what classes they need for the degree they seek .Basically it's nice to actually speak to the students and be smiling and encouraging and get my spill in about when Spring enrollment opens so they can get a better schedule in the Spring. ha
anyway, Friday was very chill and I stayed home all day. I mostly watched youtube and netflix and worked a bit in the yard. I was out of lunch meat and feeling too lazy to go to the store so I called a local Mexican food place and got a take order of chicken chimichanga with rice and chips and cheese sauce. ate that lunch at home and felt stuffed. ugh big lunch! for that reason I had a handfull of cashews for dinner and 3 chocolate chip cookies that I'd made the day before. ha...
then at 8:30pm I got a call from my buddy H and M who had just arrived from Austin.  I knew they were visiting last weekend but figured I'd see them maybe Saturday? they invited me to go to dinner with them down in the Paseo district north of downtown. well, sure!  I mean, normally I'd probably be getting ready to brush my teeth around 9 and getting settled in, but instead they came picked my up and we were getting some food orderd by 9pm at Guernsy Park, a sort of asian fusion place. I got some chicken pops and a salad. and we chatted the whole time getting caught up. M is still doing marketing for the Kind Clinic, which provide free prep to guys and also free hormone therapy to transgenders by way of some sort of loophole in the insurance system. He does a great job , of course. H spoke of a freind who'd recently passed away, after having a broken leg from a wreck on a 4 wheeler in Denver, coming home and recuping for a week, and then suddenly dying. so sad, it was a friend of his I'd met many times over the years. sad and sudden. in fact that reminds me I want to send H a card this week.
Saturday was quite a lazy day, in and out of the house , got some projects done, one of them was taking things off some shelves here in the front room and setting it up with less stuff and only books and a painting etc. H said he might come by after his lunch break to see my yard so I was sort of lingering after having a few cookies for lunch ( I meant to skip lunch since I was going for dinner later with Scott and a friend). well by 2 I hadn't heard from him and Scott had asked me to come over to hang in the pool that afternoon. H called around 3 saying he was stopping by a cousin's house then would possibly come by after. by 4pm I texted him to say I was leaving to go get in a pool!! ha, all good.
Scott had invited a girl, A, out to dinner since she was house sitting for our friends G and D who were out of town. You know I've said before he's the nicest guy in the world.  He'd asked me to join them, and my first thought was like, I'm not friends with A why are we bothering, just let her enjoy the house to herself! ha, I'm so selfish, cuz since S's husband was gone for the weekend I really  just wanted to hang with him like old times and catching up. but I did go over and swim and by 5 i was changed and when A arrived we all left together to dinner.  I have to say the only times I've seen A were when we met up to play cards with G and D and she was usually drinking and loud and silly and I never really bonded or thought much of it, only that she was D's long time friend. WELL! we got to know A and really connect. Come to find out she has this interesting museum job in Tulsa and a masters in Native American Art and was quite delightful, I loved her just for listening to my entire hair cut woes story from the last 3 I had this summer. ha! We also got to hear some other sides of D and G events from the last couple years. all good.
Sunday was church and then errands for food and I went by a book store and bought a graphic novel to read Regards from Serbia by Aleksander Zograf, which adds to my sort of wartime/crisis memoir genre of graphic novels so far collected, Hostage by Guy Delisle, We Won't See Auchwitz by Jermie Dres, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days and Rolling Blackouts by Sarah Glidden, The Arab of the Future 1 and 2 by Riad Sattouf, War is Boring by David Axe and Matt Bors, Exit Wounds and The Property by Rutu Modan, and the horrific The Ukrainian and Russian Notebooks: Life and Death under Soviet Rule by Igort.  I'm not sure why they appeal so much to me, other than I learn and gain insight from them and perhaps try to connect to my experience in Afghanistan. Of course it opens my eyes to the history and culture in each one.
Sunday afternoon I went over to my folks' place to meet up with my older 2 sisters and brother, we all met there because my mom's cousin had arrived for a visit. We've only met him once. The funny thing is we are all such talkers, there were many moments where he was just sort of listening to our conversations. ha! not the best of manners on our part but at least he sees us how and who we are. :) I stayed after my sibs left to have dinner with them. so it was funny at one point my moms' cousin T would ask me a question about something, then dad would ask him about something, then I'd try to get back to my conversation, then my dad would go back to his conversation about his history books etc. ha ! sigh.  at dinner though, it became quite intriguing.  You may have experienced the joy of meeting relatives who have separate memories or stories never heard before? I learned that my maternal grandparents met while both worked at the '39 world fair in NYC. I also learned that my mother's maternal grandmother was born in Iowa City, family moved to Washington state where she married my Gpa on that side, then later moving back east to Rhode Island. all fascinating. We never hear much about my mom's side of the family since she moved out hear far from family and met dad and married and lived the rest of her life. She grew up in Long Island NY before coming to OK for college.  I'd always assumed her side of the family just were all from the Yankee NE... T also explained some more about their side of the family going back to Robert Morris, one of the signers of the Dec. of Ind.
T is an artist who lives and teaches in Augusta GA. He knows all about my creative side so we always have fun conversations. He said if I'm ever in GA to be sure and visit. :)  My mom and dad were just down there for the Masters this Springs and stayed with him.
Well, again I appreciate all the encouragement and comments. I need to tell you I got some affirmation twice this weekend about my feelings in the last post.  H and M spoke to me at dinner that it's normal to be in different crowds of gay guys where there is everything gay trash talk and others who carry on intelligent conversation, and they pick and choose who they hang with etc..  I explained that I talk about guys parts and past exploits with the guys also, but it's not my only conversation topic and I think I was mostly uncomfortable because of the straight couple there and my fear that it gives the impression that it's all gay guys ever talk about, sex! ha.. but they said, nah totally normal. I also decided that there are probably subconscious reasons of being our generation growing up closeted and now over expressing freely gay topics. ? AND while talking to A at dinner Saturday night, I learned that the reason G and D don't both come to the pool gatherings, and only G comes is because D prefers not to be around and hear all the crass jokes also!! (yay, he's my new hero in the group now of course, because he abstains for his own personal religious reasons, ahhhh. seriously S and B and D and G are all 4 the nicest couples for friends you'd want to hang with!) The other reason she said is because it's too soon after his dog drowned in S's pool last summer, which I relate a lot less to, get over it I'd say, (but I don't want to sound unsensitive, I've just never been that attached to an animal.)
Speaking of pet animal, does anyone else keep up with King of DIY Joey Mullen's channel on YouTUbe?  Iv'e been watching for about a year and he lost his pet fish last weekend and I was crying watching him almost crying trying to save it, and then he blogged this weekend about it dying! so sad ... anyway just wondered.
I've just stayed up an hour later than I'd planned to. I should have blogged earlier tonight but I got distracted watching Top 10 Grammy performances, which led watching Michael Jackson's award performances, and then Top 10 AMA awards moments, and then Top 10 CMA award moments, and then after that top ten Shania Twain Videos.etc.. UGH!!!!  Anyway, I'll wait and blog about my new abstinence from online porn some other post. it's been a great thing! cheers for checking out the blog, all. enjoy summer.