Saturday, August 05, 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

drink up..........

is it over yet.........

so no comments on hos the guy below just throws his legs up for the pillows as they demonstrate good sleeping posture.. .blah blah... ha!
I had a great weekend. got all my lounge summer do nothing feel made up for doing not much.
Friday I was off work all day and spent my morning watching youtube videos about gardening and flower shows, chelsea and tatton park. cleaned up around the yard and house a little bit of course, around 5:30 or so I went over to my folks' place since my little sister was coming into town with her family. I had dinner with them and then my sister's family and I drove over to my other sister's place to hang out with them in the pool.  I visited a bit and swam a little then left to come home by 8? I think. I wanted to get home while it was still light out and then wind down some before bed (watching more youtube garden videos).
Saturday morning was chill, and I discovered something amazing on Netflix that I've been watching all weekend (and this morning) ever since. Grand Design! a BBC show about people building big ineterestingly designed homes.  I really so much prefer the BBC production of reality shows than American versions, there's not all the drams build up of something going right or wrong, nothing seems as staged, and they just deal with things going beyond the time limit instead of racing to a finish etc... And of course, the Anglophile that I am, I enjoy hearing them, seeing which part of the country they are in, and observing how they speak and treat each other etc.. LOVE!
Well anyway, after watching an episode Saturday morning, I went to a wedding at 10:30am at a chapel north of town.  A former student from way back when I taught highschool before going overseas, a former ESL student from India, invited me and I thought I should go since he messaged me on Facebook asking for my address at one point, and then later messaging whether I'd be going etc..  I wasn't sure what to expect because my dad who used to work sound at his church said that he had seen some Indian weddings that lasted a very long time.ha  however this wedding was one hour spot on.  I was the only white guy there besides all the chapel staff and workers. the bride and groom sat in chairs facing the pastor the whole time. They are Christian btw way so it was pretty traditional, I think leaning pentacostal. And when it was time to kiss the bride, he sort of just kissed her forehead. hmmm I left a git and did not bother with the reception which was a huge room full of round tables in white and turquoise table deocrations and napkins .
I had planned about two hours for the wedding since I had 12:45 lunch plans, so suddenly having an hour free inspired me to get all the errands I've been putting off done, also since I hate driving to stores for things once I'm home and I was already north of town near all the stores. bingo! I stopped into Home Depot looking for Fish Emulsion and Hibiscus plant food, nope but they had the spray round up I needed (for some monkey grass in my brick path outside). next TARGET! a good price on IAMS cat food, and a refill of Method dish soap, plus toilet bowl cleaner and 409 spray cleaner! ha also a few dollar pencil and office clip items by the front door, i can ALWAYS find something for a dollar at the front of Target.
next I went to ACE Hardware, but they didn't have fish emulsion or hibiscus food either, I did buy a small pot 33% off for a succulent out back I need to pot. THen I went to Petco next door, and I have to say they were way friendlier and helpful than the Petsmart I went to last times.  interestinly enough they do not carry Iams ( i wanted to price compare) but many other kinds of pet products.  made it back to the turck and came home, just in time to change into shorts and t shirt ( running all my errands in a shirt and tie from the wedding was also sort of funny on a Saturday morning.)
I got to the pizza place by 12:45 and checked my phone which I hadn't all morning. and the former student from my current job had to cancel because he was at some family function etc. alas!
As I sat and played with my phone (usually I bring a Monocle and Outside or NG Traveler magazine with me to read) and waited for my pizza, my two older sisters arrived w a bro-n-law and they orderd and sat with me.  ( I turned my sisters on to the place years ago. ha!) They had been at my younger sister's son's ball game in the city and decided to stop by for lunch there on the way home. yay. company after all!!
I got home by 2 or so and watched some videos and relaxed a bit, all that pizza! then got a bag ready to go over to S and B's for pool time.  their friends Jn and Jy were in town from AR.  I packed something to change inot for dinner so I could go with them after swimming as planned.  Our friend Robert was also there. the girl from last week (a friend of a neighbor they invited once), and then a straight married couple they'd invited from down the street who were very cool and nice. Also Geoff was there w/o his husband who doesn't come for pool things but just dinner and card things. hee hee  anyway, I swam for a couple hours and chit chatted with everyone and splashed around.
everyone started leaving around 5 or 5:15ish and I went inside to shower up and change, then eventually the other 4 guys came in and cleaned up and changed. we all met at Vito's Ristorante at 6pm a big table of I thinki 10 of us. everyone from before except not the neighbor couple and with Geoffs husband and also B's son.  We all had a great dinner except B who drunk to much at the pool and was a little too sick feeling and out of it to eat anything, in fact he got up a couple times just to sit out front on the patio. The plan was for all of us to go back to S and B's to play Nertz after dinner, but instead we all just sat in the living room while the son played X box and B laid on the floor feeling a bit better and we all visited and just chilled.  I think we wrapped it up by 9...
Sunday I went to church and store, dropped back by S's to get my swim suit and flip flops and say g bye to Jy and Jn. watched youtube or Netflix the rest of the day. There are all these great videos on Youtube called Garden Rescue from BBC!! they are Wonderful!  I actually hooked up my 19" computer monitor to my laptop and turned it around and sat in a comfy chair to watch tv all Sunday afternoon . Monday I did a lot of yard work since it was so cloudy and cool out, mowed, weed eated, cleaned up stuff. then spent the rest of the day watching all mentioned above.
About this weekend..... I felt a bit disconnected from my niece and nephews this weekend, they are all junior high age and up ages so it's expected, I know. but still sometimes I feel disconnected and try my best to feel interested in similar things but I have a hard time, they are ALL about basketball and their summer leaguse and basketball everything else, and honestly I don't care. I grew up with all my bros and sisters playing ball so I'm used to it and have been there and done that, I'm not into it with my niece and nephews, but I do my best to politely ask about this or that. I think they can sense I don't really care though. Privately I think they have me figured out and may feel somewhat awkward about the unspoken gay uncle. it's a weird feeling not being out but being treated like you're out, which is sort of like, why bother not being out in the first place.  if that makes sense.
I'm also evaluating my time in the pool Saturday with the party of gay guys who seem to joke about sex constantly and everything is a sex joke and prefer conversations about sex anything. It's weird when you think well this is my crowd, but this isn't my crowd. And they are all I got. I enjoy everyone when we're being normal adults and stuff, but I can only take so much of the gay jokes and past stories and gay this and that. I guess I can't help comparing it to other adult parties where no one is talking about sex with a spouse, past lover, or body parts etc etc... Geoff's husband D is my favorite. he has the most kind sincere conversation and of course I'd love anything he has to say, someone on the humanities council in OKC. ha!  I'm an adult, i can handle all the potty talk at pool parties. I'll find my way.  And I do love all the guys there, we all have similar pasts and coming of age and accepting of self stories. I get it. Fun people and fun times overall! :)
This morning I'm back to work, doing two days a week in advising from 1 to 6pm. yay! and more tv planned tonight. sigh. happy times to relax and not have to grade or do school stuff for a few weeks.  The adviisng work is just show up, work, leave. easy! :) good week to all.