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over ten years of blogging and every now and then life is happening too much for any time to stop and comment or record about it. This weekend was the pinnacle of a lot of past months of work and planning and preparation.  With my summer class starting and the date getting closer, I was doing a lot of stuff all at once. whew.!  although sometimes to be honest I sort of thrive when I have too many things to do, it's like the challenge fitting it all in just right and getting things done is satisfying.  That and also I have one speed, go!  in a nutshell, my garden was on a regional tour this weekend with 2 busses with oer 50 people on each stopping by to walk through my small little neighborhood property to see all the plants and flowers.  one bus at 7:15am and the other at 9:45am, they stay about 30 minutes and then go to the next one. ha  
Two of my sisters came over this morning to help set up tables under my carport and set out food, and my friend T from AR came down last night to prepare scones, also my mom and dad came over last night with cinnamon rolls she had made. of course while all this is going on I'm at the conference at a hotel in OKC and as the guy in charge of tables, i was pretty busy all last week planning and preparing stuff ( boxes and flowers and arrangements blah blah).  I have also been working on the program booklet for a while now and that deadline was Monday. whew! all came together and it was a grand event.
 The most fun was all the people walking around my little yard today and asking many questions about this or that thing they saw or liked.  we had scones, cinnamon rolls, ginger snap cookied, and some egg salad on toast that was broiled. yumm  also peach /ginger tea from Trader Joes.
The best thing is a cold front moved in last night and it was cloudy this morning and cool. perfect for lingering and great for photographs. after the 2nd bus left I had to get my truck and T's car loaded up with all these planters that I've prepared for a year now up to the hotel for the tables before the last meeting/luncheon.  they were also door prizes. 
I got a lot of good comments at the lunch, people really liked the colors and combinations of plants in the yard, so that's all feedback that makes the work worth it. ha
I can now focus solely on my summer class and go from there into summer! whew.
I'll get back to posting pics and getting some of my thoughts on here, about my  dad, men, my best bud in AR J... amongst other things. cheers for checking out the blog. :)