Thursday, June 01, 2017

Converse x Carhartt

I'm having quite the dilemma this morning, choosing which converse. ha! :P  well at first I fell in love with the white pair, so summery and that brown stripe in back, but then I decided I'd never wear all white shoes that much and I don't like the brass colored lace holes, too much bling.  Next I thought the signature Carhartt brown were different and cool looking, but I'm not sure what I'd ever wear that color brown with seeing as how I'd end up with a bunch of mismatched khaki colors... ;).  So I settled on the camoflauge pair which I'm most likely to wear many times during the summer with jeans or khaki pants or shorts and any brown or green or whatever any t shirt. I may or may not buy a pair, but worth considering....

Sunday, May 28, 2017

sunny days..........

more social times...............

what a great week, the couple of weeks before June are kind of like my true summer days since summer classes begin next week June 6th I think...  I've been doing a lot of playing outside this week. I swam twice daily in the morning and afternoon, worked out Monday and then Back/shoulders Wednesday and then flaked out Thurs because I spent all afternoon in my office working on Microsoft publisher since I'm in charge of the Program for the garden club summer meeting. whew some work! i stayed til 6pm so no gym, and then Friday, I swam in the morning but got carried away on projects all day and skipped.
I ran a bunch of errands Friday.  First stop was Ace Hardware for screws and mole poison bait and air filters. Then I stopped by my widow friend's house to visit. her daughter and son in law have been out of town all week so I wanted to check it and give her a visit.  Next to Home Depot where I bought some round up and looked at their ladders and bought some poly blend sanded grout.  After that over to Harbour Freight hardware store to use some flyer coupons on some mole chasers and a tool bag and cheapo solar path lights.  days earlier, I was doing a bunch of mosaic tiling on these plaques my dad helped me with to hang on the eaves of my house in front and north side. I'll try to post a photo. so all afternoon I put in the grout to my projects and worked outside.
Saturday I was up and taking care of business and having breakfast and got out the door by 9:30 to go downtown to the Paseo Arts Festival.  There is one booth there that sells metalwork and you have to get an early pic on the good stuff.  I got this windmill sort of yard feature, and a metal globe shaped figure that hangs, and a metal elephant shaped birdhouse.  I also got an airplane that the propeller spins in the wind for my dad for father's day.  Next went to Lowes on the way home to buy a ladder (the day before I had a wooden chair with two cinder blocks on it and a milk crate stacked to give me some height, but hardly the safest option, thus the ladder! ha)  and penetrating grout sealer. also some more screws to hang the plaques on the eaves.  I was home by 11am so good going!  I got to work and screwing in the eye screws into the plaques and then up on the ladder to reach the house and also got up on the roof to just reach down below. got everything hung up and installed. yay! :)
I was soaking willow branches all last week and let them mellow Friday overnight so yesterday afternoon I was attempting to do a bit of basket weaving.  I tried to start a basket, but failed, no matter how many youtue videos I've been watching. ha! so instead I just tried to make a fish shaped figure, and it sort of worked but I wish I could have made it bigger, also it looks more whale looking than a fish. but I'm happy with it just for something extra for the yard.
last night I went to dinner with buddy S and his husband B and their 9th grade son from B's previous marriage. the kid will stay with them this summer. also  married couple Dv and G met us at Vito's for dinner. I had some Flip/Flop moscato wine with my meal which was nice, I don't ever usually order a drink.  we ate a bunch of their bread, then finally our caesar salads and then meal, I got the Carbonara chicken. lots of food I was stuffed afterwards we all went to S and B's place to play cards, Nertz til about 10.
Last night I woke up at 2 am to an alarming sound of something falling over in the attic? I thought it must be squirrels? couldn't figure it out and became annoyed and got up and with a bamboo stick from the front room I beat on the ceiling a few times.  It stopped for a while and I fell back alseep eventually. however this morning I saw the cause was my the flag I put out (on the roof just outside my bedroom) had fallen into the garden . and the mount was all twisted up so I was probably blowing in the in the wind last night and hit the house a few times before coming out.  I crawled up on the roof first thing with screwdriver and wood screws and reattached it all and the flag going again much more securely this time. ha
I've been to church this morning and then the grocery store.  I'll have to call my bank Tuesday because my card didn't work last night at WalMart when I stopped of to get milk before coming home, and then it didn't work again at the grocery store. I had to use another mad money credit card account I've had since college.  but what's funny is this woman behind me wearing a hijab, attempted to step up and say "I've got it!" and pay for me with her card. how nice!! I was a little emabarassed and said oh thank you so much, i have another credit card, it's fine! ha ha... still was nice of her though. 
probably all my online shopping may have set off something at my bank this weekend? I dunno. has free shipping on any purchase so i went on there and bought several pairs of socks, and a few tshirts . and then I went back on and ordered a few for my buds in Austin. I'll find out Tuesday what the deal is.   I'm home and the rest o the day is mine! lunch next and then clean inside today and mow outside. Have a great memorial weekend all! :)