Thursday, March 30, 2017

Under who what when wear?

beautiful week...

well, the week just got better and better. nice rainstorm blowing through, and temps chilled down a bit. ( It is SPRING after all.)  I went the gym after work as usual Tuesday, and had quite a thrill coming out of the shower after my warm up swimming laps.  suddenly as I turn the corner from the shower area, there is the lifeguard butt naked with his hands pressing down the water extractor machine on the wall there with his suit in it. whoah.  I kindly averted my eyes completely and kept walking straight forward towards a mirror there where the lockers are, the mirror with his backside reflection right in front of me. ha! hmmmm!
anyway, I made small talk as I went to get a dryer towl and he walked over to the towl shelf and got one too and then as I went to my locker he was putting on his swimsuit behind me and we talked all about him getting locked out of the pool (he had come into the locker area to the bathroom for a quick break, but they lock the door right at break time and he hadn't gotten back in before it automatically locks). And so he had to spin out the water in his suit, put it back on, grab a towell, and then go walk around down the hall through the gym complex to another pool door. ha  What I thought was cute is as I was drying off he turned to finish the conversation and then asked me my name etc. I suppose since he sees me swimming laps every single day, good time as any to say hey. ;)  I pretty much didn't catch his name in all the excitement of course. the guy is pretty much early college age, in really good shape and sort of an awkward friendly sort. 
By the way, something you may not know about me is I can be sort of a character. I constantly am one to "play" or entertain myself.  THis is what I put to use teaching to keep the students' attention and off their cell phones or asleep. ha
anyway, so at the pool every day I for a while now, when I get out of the pool after laps, right before I walk down the hall to the locker room door, I press myself up against the brick wall and leave an imprint. for no reason other than just for fun. I back up with my left leg and turn get my backside pressed up and head and then rotate a little trying to get the other leg or right arm etc.. and then just keep walking down the hall.  It began as a random act to see if the life guards would notice ( there are 2 lifeguards in there every day, one watching kiddie pool and the other lap pool).  the lifguard watching the lap pool is at the opposite end of the pool from the side we get in and out of etc. My theory has always been might as well entertain the lifeguard with the boring job and give them something random to talk about.  well that's been going on for several months as I'm living in my own little world, doing laps every day, changing up and going to work out, leaving for home, etc rinse repeat blah blah..
The only reason I mention it, and I don't know if I mentioned the physical therapist who work sin the pool with a patient on Tues and THursdays, but anyway, today he asked me about it.  ha ha. he's tall rounded off body from workouts, round head, big eyes, nice looking guy. We've only ever spoken once before in the locker rooms as I've asked him about his job, and he found out about mine, which most guys warm up and will talk since they can relate having had a college class usually. anyway, today he was walking by as I was towleing off and getting dressed, again I'm averting my eyes not to be too awkward. hubba hubba, and the guy asked me about, why do I leave an imprint on the wall? ha ha  he was like, is it to try and dry off faster? or... I laughed and said nope, it was for no reason whatsoever, just a random thing I did for play.  he laughed and said that was even a better reason hee hee.  at that point he walked around the corner to spin his swimsuit in the machine and then walked back in a towell. oh man! again I'm small talking and trying not to be awkward as I'm walking off saying goodbye to leave him to dress in peace.  Sorry too distracting to me day. !  I went and worked back and shoulders today.
I came home after gym and walked around the yard for quite a while enjoying it all.  there is a house that sold on the other side of the house next to mine. the owners and I have discussed who bought the house. I was disappointed to hear it was bought as an income property. that means renters!!!! UGHH. not that there is anything wrong with renters, it's just always a grab bag whether they'll take care of the property or not, anyway, many of us neighbors were sort of disappointed, however the news is that they are totally updating and modernizing the whole house, and it's a 3 bedroom, so we're thinking the rent will probably be pretty high, so either someone who really cares will move in or perhaps it won't rent and they'll sell it to a homeowner? we'll see.  secretly I've been trying to remember to walk down there in the dark of night and take the sign down and leave it flat on the ground.  Just out of spite for the realtor who has left it there without a SOLD sign on it so he can get as many calls from people looking in this area I suppose.  I'm feeling spiteful since he sold it to renters!! ha ha. j/k .  I'm a really nice guy I promise, just expressing thoughts of mine on the blog.  I also promise I'm not a weirdo, I jsut like to have fun, and the events recorded here all true. cheers. enjoy Spring.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday spring crazy.........

I watched a show on PBS Sunday night that had me thinking about it all day today.  It was pretty grim for the Bronte sisters.  I was researching their story while the movie was on, it started with the brother getting fired from a job because of an affair he was having with the owner's wife. and he came home and became an alcoholic/drug addict. although they really just showed him taking to drink in the movie.  basically the 3 Bronte sisters had the idea to write poems and the novels for money. at the end of the movie the brother died and the sisters were published and that was it. how sad though the true story that one sister died a year later and then the other after that, from tuberculosis. I read how the sisters all went to a private boarding school that was pretty cheap and might have ruined their health etc etc.. although they were great writers.  I also foun it sad that Charlotte the last one to die, eventually married although not for love, and was pregnant when she died of pneumonia. the dad outlived them all to 84.
well, anyway, I still enjoyed the movie.  I had an excellent weekend btw, just working in the yard the whole time unless i was inside on the computer or picking up around the house.  Saturday I got cleaned up after being outside all day and met Scott and B and D at Penn Square Mall for dinner, we had a very relaxed time and we all got caught up on things.  went by some stores after wards. I always like to get a chocolate at the Godiva store.
We checked out Banana Republic, and i swear whenever i'm in there with Scott nine times out of ten there is some hot guy suddenly helping us. ha.  we were talking about these jeans that were so comfortable and awesome that we tried on last time we were there, but at $118 we couldn't justify it, just crazy price!  anyway, this college age blond guy about 5'10" came over and talked to us, tight fit body, and while we discussed the jeans and another style that he was wearing, he at one points commented how they fit tight but not too tight, and lifted his shirt up to show how he'd forgotten to wear a belt but they were staying up. uh .... scott and I didn't skip a beat, but walkiong we were like ugh yeah thanks, his abs! his underwear coming up out of the waistline. whew! ha ha ha.
anyway,  lazy Sunday and great day back to work today.  I worked out at the gym after work, swam laps and then chest day, it was pretty crowded in there today. I couldnt' wait to get out and drive home and get out into my yard. i had a few plants arrive in the mail that I planted and then spread around some organic fertilizer (Milorganite) since it's supposedly going to rain 3" inches tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it. though. ha.
someone asked home many shoes I have, I have plenty, the thing about the Sanuk shoes is they are super casual to throw on when going anywhere all summer, but like I said, they last about a year or two. I like an new pair to wear around, and the old pair become my wear outside in the yard all summer until they wear out shoes.  right now I'm trying to do a spending freeze to save up for the trip to Portland in April.  However the blue sweatshirt and the blue n grey shoes I posted below are on my mind to get before the Denver trip in May. sigh. enjoy the week, all!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

window shopping................

This is what I'm not buying online lately... I get a new pair of Sanuks every summer and they no longer make the brown and blue ones I love, btw I only like the Donny style. so I found these grey ones and brown ones that I might get this summer, but $60 each, I'm waiting! I also want this blue sweatshirt and the striped shirt, my favorite brand Norse Projects. I love that color blue and I like the stripes which remind me of the Loopwheeler style with horizontal stripes last summer that I can not access online or in the US. I have 2 trips coming up a month apart and am trying to save up in preparation, so I decided to hold off any spending until further notice. not counting the japanese maple tree I purchases at a nursery on the way home from the gym Friday, cough cough. the chairs below are also on my want list. They are reproduction eames style, $259 for the pair and free shipping, and I think they'd look so GREAT in my office next fall. so we'll see. :P