Thursday, March 16, 2017

first free replacement hormone clinic....

A friend of mine is the director of the KIND clinic in Austin which provides healthcare and education to the community, specifically HIV testing, acces to PREP and PEP and now Hormone replacement therapy medication...... News from KVUE channel 6 here.

Although I don't begin to claim that I understand everything involved with people unable to live with the gender they were born with, nor understand why a birth certificate would be changed from the gender they were born with, I admit I can't understand what I don't know and haven't experienced.  So although I realize I may have different values than my friends who promote free hormones to those wanting to change genders without any required counseling which they refer to as "gateways" and who provide free PREP medication to those who want to have unprotected sex. I respect the right to do so and the call and desire of people who want to service a community that through the work of the clinic is also educated about safe practices and sexually transmitted disease protection.  And the clinic gives the poor a chance to access it and not just the rich who can afford such with or without insurance. 
I cannot expect my values to be respected if I cannot respect the values of others. ( I often tell my students the importance in standing for something.  The danger is in having no values and standing for nothing, those are the ones easiest swayed and fooled and manipulated....something along those lines, I don't discuss it too much but it remains the tone of my encouragement throughout the semester.)

is it summer yet..................

Sunday, March 12, 2017

randomness reposts.,........

Hello from Austin TX

I got a kick off to Spring Break leaving OKC on Friday morning. pretty much I was packed and out the door by 7ish am, the same time I usually am leaving to go into work.
I drove down to Dallas and stopped off at my favorite nursery North Haven near Hillcrest and Royal lane. checked out all they had, made my choices, and then went into the cafe in the back for lunch. the best chicken salad sandwich, mmm!  I got some different varieties of geranium with green and red blends in the leaves, and some trifolium clover varieties, also a silver dollar lentin rose, and a few other annuals.  It' not exactly time yet to plant them in OK, but I'll bring them in off the porch on cold nights and wait until I feel ready to plant them between now and April 15th, our usual last frost date. But this year I feel it will be earlier.  I stopped by a book store and an ATT store then a tropical fish store before getting back on the highway and making my long way down to Austin.  Boy they are doing a LOT of road work between the two cities, and it can get mind numbing and frustrating the stop and go along the way. UGHHHH!
well I arrived just before 5 pm and unloaded my pickup.  I'm staying with my buddy H at his studio condo on Lamar just south north of the Alamo theater. he's owned this place for years and the city has literally developed and built itself up all around his apt complex over the years. SO MUCH to do just within walking distance right here on Lamar.  H's husband M was home so we caught up for a while waiting for H to get home from work.  when he got home we relaxed some more and then made our way to the grocery store, then walked over to a Mexican place called Maudie's on Lamar for dinner. good food!  back home and we watched the movie "Captain Fantastic" with Viggo Mortenson playing a father who lived with his many children off the grid and had to deal with the loss of his wife etc etc.. It was really quite a good film! he was nominated an Oscar for his performance this year. there is also a full frontal scene since they are sort of hippie lifestyle types.  H and I discussed the flaw and triumphs of the film the next day.
well the next day, Saturday morning, we were all up and gettin breakfast going, had a very chill morning and around 11 am, M left for an all day racism training meeting that he had to go to for his job. H and I left for a nursery I'd been wanting to check out that was recommended by an OKC friend, Barton Creek Nursery.  I bought some more plants including a little grapes gomphrena and lepdeza shrub and again, more annuals.  Next we went over by the college campus to a place called Varsity pizza to meet a friend of H from Austin, Victor.  very cool guy our age who I've met before many trips to Austin ago... ;) . had a good long visit, speaking about H living in Austin so long, the both of them being in recovery, and plans for the weekend etc..  after lunch we went to another tropical fish place I'd wanted to visit called Austin Aqua Dome.  we hung out and checked out all the different fish downstairs, and then upstairs where they had the marine fish.
Getting home later and meeting up with M, we all relaxed a bit and then finally got changed for the gym, we left for LA fitness on S Lamar. had a good work out, bit of chest and arms, which I'd skipped arms Friday since making the drive down.  after we ended up at Pollo Tropical for a quick dinner. came home last night and watched the first episode of "Offspring: the australian show on Netflix that I binge watched a bit over winter break last year.
I'm sleeping on the floor of this one room studio on an air mattress about ten feet from there bed. a LAbrador dog in a dog bed in between us, and a little fox terrier that last night got up on my bed with me and by this morning was curled up under the covers with me, so cute.
Today we all slept in, and I made chocolate chip scones for us all this morning, breakfast, and at some point before lunch we started walking downtown to check the SXSW events.  cool weather so a nice brisk walk.   we checked out the TNT Animal Kingdom set up of a ocean wave surfing thing going on, and then a Breaking Bad recreated Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.  had lunch and Which Wich. walked back home stopping off at a few places along the way.  the guys are napping now while I'm on the computer (I don't nap). next we'll go to the gym again before dinner. It's been a really great time getting away from home and joking around with H and M all weekend. I'll probably stay through til Tuesday morning. tomorrow M and I plan to walk about downtown and check out more events.  I'm looking forward to getting back home already and relaxing and enjoying my Spring break. I do have a few papers to grade, but I also plan to paint the picket fence on one side of the back yard also this break.
  one more thing.  a year ago this week, I bought a plane ticket to Dominican Republic, but then I cancelled my trip! I've had $400 credit that I had to use by next Friday or LOSE IT.  I decided to use the money for a ticket to Portland next month.  THere is a yearly event called Hortlandia , a sort of huge plant sale with west coast plant suppliers and nurseries.  I figured since this is the summer my garden is on the regional meeting tour, I should try and go this year.  I got online today and found a delta ticket there and back from $446. booked! it will be a quick Friday in and SUnday out weekend trip. but I'm already looking forward to it. ha  have a good weekend all. :)