Friday, February 03, 2017

remember summer.......

Feb already?

anyone else watching Project Runway Junior? I've been watching it all this season on Friday nights since I gave up cable. I spend 1.99 on amazon to stream the show without commercials.  I'm really excited to see what designers make it to the end. I am really glad Cartier finally got voted off, she's been a bore the whole season. I'm pretty sure Tyler will go to finals, and also Chelsea, but it's a draw between the other kids. I'm hoping Chris will get to go, he's the sort of awkward nerdy Italian bleach blond kid who wears funky prints . He's come a long way and I hope to see him get to do more. I've been pretty happy with everyone they've sent home so far, except I think Cartier should have gone long ago before Allie did. well if you're not watching..........blah.
I had a great work week.  students are resonding well and I'm going of my plans and teaching up a storm.  All the papers I got turned in Tuesday I had graded and back Thursday, so nothing left this weekend.  Next weekend I'l have quite a few in for grading.  I'm struggling with wanting to work less but make more!! ha ha! ugh!!! I teach the usual 5 classes now, one online class, and one lab class. I'm trying to ditch any lab classes, but my boss likes me being part of the lab class program. It's an extra one hour class to take with Enlgish one as a co requisite. it's all the rage now instead of making student take a remedial English or Math class before accepted into freshman level, studies show that taking a co requisite lab class with the freshman level class at the same has better results in grades and in retention ($$). anyway, it turns out to be a bit more work because what you get are a handful of students who woudl have normally not tested into the class and then you spend an hour a week giving them extra support.  which I'm fine with, don't get me wrong, I love helping students achieve goals, I;m  just sort of over the extra time and class.  I dont' know what I want.  I keep getting asked at church by professors who work at the local Christian college, "now how many classes do you teach??"  they only have 4 a semester and I have 5. It's weird they get paid more for doing 4 and I get paid less for doing 5, but that's because I don't have a doctorate which I'm fine with.
Simon Sinek has me all pumped up about doing my job, being a giver, and working and supporting others at work etc etc. I love it, seriously. and Spring IS coming. :P
you know what else got me all pumped up this week. this college kid at the gym. I'm back to going daily to gym after work for swimming laps and a workout. yes! It's not been fun using weights 5 or 10 pounds less than where I'd been, but ah well.....  same regular guys working out and a few new ones in and out.  This one kid that used to for like the past 3 years since he was in highschool would always wear the same spiderman canvas sneakers.  I hadn't seen him much at all last semester and then this week he shows up with new shoes. ha I mentioned it and got him laughing about how worn out his favorite pair became etc etc.  up until last year as a freshman he had the same think long hair on top that he'd constantly be flicking back or messing with. and this week he shows up growing bigger and short short hair. happens to guys growing  up during college. not to mention dat ass. ;) this is a guy who works out upper body and doesn't forget legs!! ha
keeping motivated. I got a great haircut this week also at a barber shop near downtown that my niece's husband recommended.  the guy did a great job, giving me a really nice high and tight. a great short fade all around, and then did all sort of beard trimming things all over my face. wonderful! $28 bucks and then I added some for tip. I have goals of  getting into shape for a road trip to Austin for Spring. This is good motivation for me, also to cut out sugar from meals and in between. :P
Ive been reading some old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon books from college when I go to bed at night which has been fun.  I've been leaving my cell phone in the front room when going to bed which has been awesome.  I love sleeping lately, my bed and goosedown comforter is so cozy. I sleep with the fan on above me on low.  Also I have these 100% cotton sheets from years ago, camouflage from pottery barn teen, and they have begun to wash and wear into the softest softy soft.
hopefully everyone's up for a good weekend.  Have you asked yourself lately, what have you personally done to help a migrant or refugee in your own community?  so many people have so many opinions and I stay out of it, I'm all about Mathew 25, but just to make people think I like to ask, "what have you done personally lately to help an immigrant or refugee?"  I suppose we all pay taxes. I've always wanted to live in a bigger city and be a part of refugee program where I could teach English as a Second Language (my grad school degree is in bilingual education/TESOL). I suppose there's something more I could do in OKC. I know I have a lot of students in my classes that are children of immigrants, the smart ones who make it to higher ed, whether it's for a 2 year or 4 year degree, they get the value of investing the effort into it! yes!
I'm planning to go to Lowes tomorrow and then lunch with my brother and sisters with our mom for her birthday. happy weekend everyone. :)

winter music time..................

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a real straight shooter.............

not much, and you...........

Hi everyone, that's absolutely nothing much going on new in my life and I've had nothing very insightful to say. teaching and grading and playing piano every day and going to gym after work. then home to walk around the yard while I eat an apple.
I did finish second season of Offspring on Netflix. binge watching ugh! ha... so much drama but some really funny bits as well.  I'm really enjoying all my classes and students so far this semester. It really inspires me.  I try to remind myself something Simon Sinek says before his speeches "be a giver"