Wednesday, January 18, 2017

wheel fun.................

winners day.............

got off to a pretty to good start this first week back to classes. Monday night I got to sleep by 10pm so I could get up at 6 am and get to work early.  I woke back up suddenly at 11:30pm to the smell of smoke.  I had done some dishes before bed and this pan that was gunked up from cooking chicken, I put soapy water on it and set it on the stove to simmer and heat up a bit to loosen things up. Then I brushed my teeth and forgot and went to bed. so it had evaporated and burnt and thus the smoke.  stupid me must not do that again. I went back to sleep thanking God that I woke up and took care of it. I got to work the next morning just in time to copy some things for my classes.
 I met all the students in my 3 classes on Tuesday and saw a good handful of students who I had last semester so that's pretty cool.  was a super long day because I ran into a former student who then came up to my office to discuss degree plans for creative writing. then an afternoon class, then worked in my office getting ready for today's classes, then left by 5:30, ugh so late, and no swim or gym time yesterday, I then drove over west of OKC and on the way to my folks' place, stopped by my sister's place to say Hi, spending 30  instead of the quick dropby, then got to my parents' place by 6:30 chatted a bit and gave my dad a Gold magazine that I mysteriously began getting in the mail.  Then on the way home I had to stop and get cheese slices for my lunches! whew, finally by 7:30 HOME! shoes off! relax etc..
Today I had just two classes but still busy day.  after my 8 am class, I sat down at my desk and checked tracking a package that last night said it would come Friday which means I needed to leave a note on the door to release the package, but this morning it said on a truck , Fedex, today! well I decided I just had to have it today and drove home (15min) left a note and then back to school with enough time before my 11 am class. after that.lunch, then a student stopped in from last semester, one of my favorites, super tall, super smart. great kid! just saying hi.  worked a bit more and was out by 3:30. to the gym worked out and was out by 4:30. home and then dinner etc.
I met another student who came by today because of missing Tuesday, and she told me she has a service dog. so that should be interesting having a service dog in the classroom all semester. I'm not thrilled about it personally because it's just one more distraction. but personally I'm all about meeting students' needs, so bring it on. the girl is super nice and we discussed telling the class not to bother the dog etc... I'll probably include something about how you wouldn't touch a strangers 2 year old, nor would you go on and ask someone about there prosthetic leg a sort of leave it alone thing. she's not blind or anything, it's either a service dog in training or it's a stress dog etc? we're (faculty) not allowed to ask or know anything about it legally, just accept whatever accommodations we're told. so that's that. :)
My new thing this year is putting tumeric in my scrambled eggs every morning. I've also begun adding it to my flour and flax seed that I coat chicken in on Monday nights before cooking.
When I got home today I got my zip up fleece that was delivered and put it on and found a shirt to wear it with tomorrow to work. yay! and it's really comfy.  Hope everyone is having a good week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017