Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

flat out..........

I didn't work out the last two days... boooo.  I lost my motivation somewhere. I think it was work getting me so bogged down with getting things done, that and just everything.  But no worries, I'll be back at steady eddy as soon as daylight savings hits.  The reason is I'm more likely to stay at the gym and workout without wanting to get home and mess around in the yard, since it will get darker outside earlier in the evening.  I'm hoping to get back to morning swims like I usually do to take advantage of  the extra hour in the morning. we'll see.  Today and yesterday I just wanted to stay in the office and get things DONE and quit taking stuff home to finish. UGH. so no swim, no workout. blah. definitely been worth it as far as getting caught up on all my students' papers and stuff.
last weekend was pretty busy and the weather was awesome.  My aunt was moved into a rehab living center so I went by there on the way to my sister's house. spoke to my parents who were there signing papers and getting her checked in.  then I went over to my sister's place. all 4 of my siblings, 3 sisters and brother, met for pizza and we just sat around chit chatting happily, great times. mom and dad came a little late and joined us with all the spouses in the tv room watching a ball game. ha
Sunday was church and grocery shopping. I went by and saw Scott and B and hugged them and welcomed them and they showed me a few photos. Sunday afternoon I went over to see my aunt and watch her eat dinner.  the living center is in my area of the city very close.  She had a mini sort of stroke weeks ago which affected her swallowing.  she has a sort of paralysis on the right side of her throat and so she has to turn left to swallow, there is no reflex to make her cough when it goes the wrong way down.  She had chemo years ago on her throat and this has weakened everything to begin with.  she also seems to have a short term memory thing going so she has to rehab to remember to turn her head left and swallow when eating/drinking.  once it becomes habit she'll remember and be okay, so they say...  
 I went to 6 pm service after that and sat next to Betty.  She brought me a card saying thank you for the ride to the meeting Friday. ha. Monday work went rather well.  I had a former student come by office to talk about goals and degrees, and I went on about my father and brother being engineers and how he was on a good track etc etc.  worked in the yard when I got home with a hand saw cutting up the large branches in half so that they'd be sizable to throw into the back of my pickup.  This Saturday the city dump is open and it will be the last day when we can dump stuff for free (October is free dump days for big trash neighborhood cleanup etc). So I'll take it all over Saturday morning, which is nice cuz (because, sorry tulsa cowboy) I thought I'd have to do it before work instead, their usual hours are Mon - Fri from 7am to 3pm... hmm?
Today was crazy, taught all day, all went well, but then I had an impromptu meeting at 3pm with my boss about that report from last week. I okayed all the re writing she did (of course) and then didn't have time to make to the pool by 3:30 (If I don't get off campus by 3pm and into the pool by 3:30 my day is shot as far as work out routine is concerned. ha!) so I stayed and got things done, then left and while driving through the parking lot, found out I had a flat tire on my back tire. UGH  again! ha so I backed up into the parking lot, me in my shirt and tie, all ready to visit my aunt on the way home, and got out , took it off, put on the spare, blah blah... luckily there is a little fix it shop right across the way from my school (which I've been to before blah). so I pulled up and the man took my tire and plugged it where the screw was in the tire etc.. $10.  took abouut 20 or so minutes, no bad at all. then I got on my way back up to my side of town and stopped to see my aunt while she was at dinner again, spoke to her, told her not to talk but focus on eating, and watched her eat and told her to turn left now and then.  came home and watered, dinner, chill time and now i'm crashing!! whew what a start to the week. :)

Monday, October 24, 2016