Wednesday, October 05, 2016

repost, gymspiration,....

been working so much in the office and not going to gym this week, I hate to miss it but had to make some priorities to catch up with work. willbe above water soon. :P

Monday, October 03, 2016

Sunday, October 02, 2016

fall into Oct..........

I also thought of using the title "tis the season" below with all the gun photos. have you seen the video of the guy that survived a bear attack. one tough mutha!!!  check out this link here for the (graphic sort of) video clip and then for the facebook post they copied into their article.  Bear STory.
Is anyone watching project runway this season, yes I watch project runway.  I don't have the lifetime channel anymore though as part of my cable, which I'm not using anyway since I switched to digital antennae.  So that means I'm watching it a day or two later on the INTERNET, and I always choose the 3 minutes of adds, not the survey. :P  well anyway, I'm all about the girl who has already won a few challenges.  my favorites are her, the girl with the weird laugh and the latin guy. that's all I'm really intrigued with so far. I can't WAIT for Cornelius to crash and burn and get kicked off, and I can't believe the blond from LA has snuck by without getting kicked out either. we know his days are numbered though. oh I also like the French ex model's ideas too.
I survived my too dang busy weekend. what I really really wanted to do was go downtown and watch all the short films as part of the Manhattan SHort Film Festival like I do every year!!! but I just did not do it because I had so many papers to grade and forced myself to make the wise choice to stay home. thing is I had to get a bunch of yard work done also Saturday and rototill a new area of the garden to get plants int he ground that have been arriving in the mail and also before the big rain Tuesday. blah blah blah. This is all in prep for the regional summer meeting next summer with my house on the garden tour.  I'll probably keep mentioning this a hundred times before next summer so get used to it. ha
I did get the chance to meet up with Scott and his husband Brian last Friday. my best buddy Scott who I love so much and disappointed by not being able to dogsit for him during Fall Break.  :(  I have plans that weekend and he though I was off the whole week and they are going out of town and were hoping I could stay at the house and feed and "care" for the dogs, (they have two dogs now a black one and a brown one which was a "foster failure" since they kept it. both labs).  It's sort of difficult to keep up with everything as a single guy and busy schedule and then live somewhere else for a week.  I was more than willing to go by and feed the dogs but staying there was a whole nother story. I'm sort of hoping they can find some college kid to stay there or they might have a neighbor.  his husband B almost thoughtof giving the brown one back to the foster org. ha!yes!  I may stay ready to go over there though a night or two if needed so we'll see.
We ate dinner at Jason's Deli in okc and caught up on their work week and then my trip to Austin and my reunion last weekend etc.
I'm looking forward to next weekend in AR for college homecoming, which is why I am pushing myself to get all the English 1 papers back Tuesday since I have English 2 papers coming in Wednesday. which I hope to get done before I leave town either Thursday night or Friday morning. ha
guy I know I have a shoe problem, I found another pair of Medium shoes on ebay tonight and put a bid in on them. :( I didn't love the color must but I'm sort of a crazy type person once I have a theme, a project, an out of stock brand, a little unique treasure made in my shoe size, what can I do/
I had NO motivation at the gym last week, none! i did like 3 sets of maybe 4 or 5 different workouts and once the clock said 4:30 I was just ready to leave and get home to work in the yard.  this will stop after October because of daylight savings and it will be dark by the time I get home after gym so I will be more apr to stay there and workout eregardless of traffic on the way home (If I get to my exit on the highway before 5pm all is good, after that and it's just all the more packed on the highway. I sort of go crazy on the highway when the left lane doesn't move, so I've learned to always go at times when it flows).  This week I plan to do all my workouts backwards, and then I plan to reserach different workouts.  I do the same stuff, same order every single dang time.  I think it's called bro-workouts? according to Scott herman on youtube. where guys work out one body section once a week blah blah and he was saying don't do bro workouts. ha okay.
oh yeah tomorroe is big trash pickup day, so I took a break from grading papers around 5pm and went out and wheelbarrowed tons of branches, breaking them and stacking them and carrying out to the curb. and then the fallen limbs ( all from last spring and the summer etc) that were too big, I saws with a hand saw (no chainsaw) into smaller peices and out to the curb with them. picked up other branches all over and other trash and stuff int he backyard, and took it all out to the curb, and an old rusty wheelbarrow with no wheel that I never fixed. got rid of it!! I bet it's not even out there because there are guys in truck that go arond and load up everything metal in the back of their trucks. they stack it high too. ha anyway, so i got a lot of work done this wekeend and will sleep well tongiht.
bring on Monday. cheers all. :)

well, shoot.............