Saturday, October 01, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

oh yes, baby! mmmmm.....

some "shoe porn" so to speak... ha . I came across these shoes online and couldn't hop on the fence quick enough to buy something that was also just my size! I don't know if you guys remember how crazy I am about my favorite out of business brand shoe Medium. I used to buy up all the leftover stock from years ago until they clearanced them all out and they were GONE!! now i just sort of search now and then online and I hit a three-fer. Craziness, I know. but I mean damn, I wear browns (hello it's fall), and I wear greys so YUP, so in love and couldn't throw my money down quick enough. I said on the fence because I'm trying to develop a plan to lower debt and not shop online.... eyes roll. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

friendly times...............

I've been so busy and not keeping up with the blog.  I need to tell you about the convo I had in Austin that "got my goat" so to speak.  and my thoughts on the movie Holding the Man. 
I just had a crazy weekend of my high school reunion! I need to give my thoughts all about it, how much I loved it, that is.  Also about the single guy that probably is not gay at all abut damn. and then single guy who was married 20 years and now is divorced and gay. not my type at all but super nice guy and I plan after a time to reach out and tell him if ever in OKC hit me up for lunch or a meal so I can be like a friend to talk to? etc.. we'll see.
ALSO I had another meet up in town with the guy I met from DC last spring who was in town and has read this blog. we met up for me a tea, and for him a coffee. he's a lot like the first beard pic below but he's leaner and dark haired, a nice mustachy beard and the bluest eyes, a civil engineer outdoorsy type guy. goodness!
I finally caught up on all my grading this week EXCEPT my online class is behind and I hope to get all that done tomorrow during office hours. more details next posts about all the above. its Fall y'all!! woo hoo.