Friday, September 09, 2016

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


you should check out this article "The Boys of Summer Are Men Now.....Now What?" about an older generation. I like its positive spend on support and community and relationships versus just alone and solitary.

also check out the movie "Holding the Man" on NEtflix if you're keen on it. A sort of survey of a gay couple meeting in 74 and going through the whole story of gays in Australia and the times and dealing with family and HIV etc.  at first I was like, those actors are rather old to play high school boys, and then I realized, oh, they're playing themselves young until old... no wonder. ;)

I have tons to say about my trip to Austin and pics of the shopping purchases. however SO MANY PAPERS to grade and slammed this week. I want to get them done as much as possible before the weekend so I can get out into the yard for projects. cheers.

ALSO check out Randy Pott's edited story posts on Thebirdiejean instagram account.  They are numbered so you can start with one and go from there. 


Pillar Point - Dove [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Polyvinyl Record Co. on Vimeo.