Saturday, July 23, 2016

someone say pool?............

summer drags on.............

happy Saturday!  no I dont' shave anything, barely even ever trim anything, I'm all natural, as they say. And I'm single so why bother, ha!  I guess I might trim up a little about twice a year perhaps.  I will say that it seems like every time I need to cut my nails, it feels like I JUST did it 4 days ago. ha.

what a busy week! whew. I had my family over for birthday cake, my folks came over and we went out to CityBites for sandwiches, their treat how nice. :)  We went by Braums for some ice cream and brought it back to have with a cake my mom had made. my sister and bnlaw and brother and snlaw came over and we chit chatted, got a garden tour and that was about it, good times. My mom and dad gave me a $30 credit to amazon and a yard ornament which is some sort of composite carved tiki face looking into a piece of wood. the eyes and mouth light up via solar charged batteries. ha I really like it actually. fun.

 I taught both classes this week Tues and Wed and Thursday after class, I drove up to AR to have dinner with a married couple and their 3 children who are on furlough from Africa where they live as missionaries.  I saw them while they were here a couple years ago, and also I stayed with them for 10 days in Senegal back in 2008 when I left the country for a month or so for tax reasons (if anyone remembers that far back on the blog). I packed leftover icecream in a cooler with a bunch of ice and brought it with me for the kids. ha  We caught up and had a great time, I got to know their kids a little better. I lived with their mom for a while after college as a housemate and so we are pretty close, she and her hubbyknow my single "situation" and all and to be honest it's never like an issue or anything discussed. just mutual love. They gave me a packet of Moringa powder, a product of Senegal, and talked up its health benefits. ha

I stayed with some friends J and S.  their kid is starting college next year, and this was the first time I'd seen him with a little beard growing in. he went from a staying a kid type high schooler to suddenly a well spoken college ready kid. sniff.  super great guy and I'm thrilled he's going to my alma matar there in NW AR.  slept on a twin mattress on their downstairs front sitting room. zonked out late around 11pm, and was up at 7 chatting with the husband over breakfast, then to T's workplace for a breakfast (she's a baker at a cafe, actually now she is manager also) and then was out of town by 930.  Why such a quick trip? well iw as going to stay for the weekend BUT I had a committee meeting come up at work at 1pm Friday. ugh. so I drove all the way home, got a quick lunch somewhere before arriving back on campus and going to meeting. blah!!! ha but it didn't take long, and in fact there was a kid theater performance of WIlly WOnka musical that I went to at 3pm just for the sake of having nothing better to do and plus I like seeing kids sing and act their heart out. ha
went to S and B's last night swim and hang and was home by 8pm sharp to watch British Baking show.
 this mornig I was very chill working in the backyard a bit and in and out. now I'm going over to stay cool in S and B's pool again and maybe just lie on their couch and watch HGTV> :P
happy weekend all! dan

throwback to 2009

I bet he's hairy now though................ :)