Thursday, July 07, 2016

Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence! :)

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! It's been a great weekend. my veterinarian friend and I met up for lunch on Saturday and caught up, talking about her job and my job etc. She mentioned going to NYC again this fall, and I said it was a possibility and I'd consider it.  I have to be honest though, I told myself I wouldn't travel again with her to NYC after last time, so next time we get together I'm going to absolutely say it's not possible.  the reason is that I want to save up for a trip over Christmas break.  I will be putting all my funds towards that if I can make it work. :)
She and I went to TJMAXX after lunch so she cold get a suitcase for her Boston trip this summer. Also went to Hobby Lobby and she bought a few art pieces for her walls at home. everything was half off. I bought a few things for garden club door prizes while there too.
I came home from all that Saturday and then finished up cleaning up my place for T's visit from AR. I sort of use the extra bedroom as storage and a place to put things I don't know what to do with at the time.  I hung up coats and jackets and hoodies that were laying on the bed in there, put a few boxes in the corner of my bedroom, put many other things under a table in there and wah lah!  nice clean room and bed made for visitor.  I went outside and watered and waited for her to arrive.
upon arrival we left immediately to meet S and his now husband B and his son for dinner. great chatty time.  came home to relax and chill etc.
Sunday morning went to church, next drove downtown for lumch at the Oklahoma Museum of Art Cafe.  after lunch saw the Matisse exhibit currently showing. it is AWESOME!  she was thrilled and I was thrilled.  I was surprised at not just hte Matisse but all his contemporaries ans such. several Picassos etc!  really great show.   And then we saw the permanent Chihuly exhibit on the third floor.  outlet mall next, she got some cool stuff at a kitchen store , (she's a baker). and then we shopped some women's wear places.  I didn't buy a thing!! I almost got a shirt at Banana Republic but put it down thinking I'm nto going to buy this just because I'm here.  good job Dan! plus I had decided to renew my membership at the musuem instead of buying two tickets ( $100 for a fellow membership which gets two adutls into the museum and 10% off purchases at cafe or shop) I was a member for a while up to 2012 and then that was the year money was tight and I quit.  Another reason I didn't renew in 2012 is because they replaced the membership person Eastep and also the film coordinator was replaced and I don't know just a big turnover and I wasn't sure how I felt about the new direction etc. I'm such a loyalists!! ha ha. anyway, yesterday it was time to renew and it was something that's been on my mind since I enjoy going to movies there and now I can go see the art as much as I want.
Next we drove back into the city to get some groceries.  I usually go on Sunday and we needed some things for dinner.  She got a salad mix pack and I got my usual re stock of things, then we came home and had dinner including some leftover chicken penne that was in the fridge from Friday night with the boys.  We settled in and watched the first half of the movie Darjeeling Limited after that and turned it off to turn in arond 1030.
I woke up to an earthquake after 5 am this morning.  Poor T had wanted to feel one while here and I think she slept through. alas. today we plan to going to my sisiter's place for a cook out lunch with my family and then over to S and B's place a for a bit of pool time before T heads back to AR.
I have 18 essays to grade tonight before class tomorrow. wah wah!! hope I can get 'em all done.
have a great July 4th all.  we might walk down to the city parade this morning. Enjoy and treasure you freedom and richness living in this country!!