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Thursday, June 30, 2016

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summer summer summer time.............

Last weekend in Wichita was pretty awesome. first of all I really liked staying in the hotel there, something about having a clean place with just the things you brought with you to concern yourself over.  all those tv channels, ha. and a wifi, what else is needed?  my only quirks about the doubletree Hilton at Wichita Airport and why I would suggest finding another place if concerned, was that they wouldn't allow us a late checkout after noon, which I know it has to do with having rooms ready and enough help around on a Sunday to have them turned on, cut come on a Sunday? and the whole convention was staying there that weekend, I dunno.  But pretty much what turned me off on this particular hotel was the breakfast buffet was $13.95, for scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, cereal, pastries. I mean pretty usual stuff but $13.95?  That might be normal way of running things too but I thought it sucked since there is NOTHING else near the hotel for any other option to go get food. ha
bed was super comfortable and I"m sure it's a fine place, I just wouldn't recommend it for the next the regional meeting when we go back to Wichita in however many years down the road.
     going on all the tours and seeing all the different gardens and landscaping was a lot of fun. I took tons of pictures and got to chat with some people that came with us from Ardmore.  If I'm trying to meet someone, I'm doing it wrong. the convention is mostly people older than me, mostly married people, probably some gay guys in the mix but no one I'd be interested in.  But I can tell ya I'm great with the older married ladies into gardening.  Probably 'cause of my constant cheerfulness and hopefully polite manners yet outgoing personality. but being popular with the ladies gets you no where if you know what I mean. ha ha!  well, it's not about that, it's about my hobby with landscaping and gardening. Our bus stopped at three different nurseries while in Wichita and it was fun to shop with other enthusiasts for interesting plants and seeing what was in stock or on sale that we liked. If in Wichitia, I'd say TreeTop nursery, Hong, and Brady were all winners!  
     For anyone knowing what I'm talking about, the most interesting thing I saw and now want to find, was a ramshorn willow tree. I broke of a very little piece of stem to try and root in some water, but I think I'm going to search for one online to plant this fall. Every leave on the stems was curled up. pretty cool! and then at the Bartlett Aboretum south of Wichitis, I saw a Ulmus parvifolia Seiju, which is a dwarf lacebark elm.  it has little miniature leave that grow on the stems, it's for Bonsai pots but can be grown as a tree. there was a huge one at the aboretum garden and it was awesome.  I came home with three echinacea,  a viburnum 'pragense' which is like a leatherleaf viburnum but with narrow dark shiny leaves, pucker up dogwood shrub, heuchera, chocolate drop sedum, and others.  I'm still trying to get everything in the ground.
     I got home Sunday night right as it began to pour rain, so nice! It was then I realized I had a hiring committe meeting the next day ( I thought it was a week away) so I had to start reviewing 63 applicants' cover letters and resumes and choose my top ten for the meeting Monday. UGH I had already agreed to a 9:30 drop by at a college buddy's house, she and her husband are about to move in a few months. well the meeting was at 9-11am so I texted her that I'd be there at 10:30 or later, wishful thinking.  Our meeting lasted right up to 11 then I rushed over, had bagels and caught up with them and their kids and was out of there by 12...
     taught classes this week, did the gym thing both Tues and Thurs. been swimming in the morning and other stuff.  the lady that does the spin class and Yoga class at my gym is the person who got the job I wanted at the college near my house! ha, how about that. we've compared notes and what funny is that she is wishing she would have applied for the position currently open at my school.  That made me feel like I'm better off staying where I am.  It's curious though because she says the school called her about applying there, and I'm wondering either they really wanted her or didn't get enough applicants interested.  She told me about the job and it sounded a LOT better than what they had listed. also she's not a doctor so that shouldn't have held me back.  all hindsight and I'm pleased I'm doing what I am doing. :)
     the weekend approaches! I'm pretty excited about he harbour Freight hardware store weekend sale. ha, it's cheaper stuff but for basic tools and garden supplies, I'm looking forward to picking up some things like garden hoses and two umbrellas for the deck etc... I'm also going to get a load of sand tomorrow in my pickup to finish out a brick path I've been trying to get done forever!  cleaning up the place for real tomorrow for company. T from AR is coming down and maybe bringing her small dog with her. so I want the place clean. I have lunch plans with my vet friend A on Saturday, then T arrives before dinner. SUnday will be church and then we'll be going downtown to see the Matisse exhibit at the OKCMOA and also having lunch, shopping or pool time, Monday my family has a big cookout at my sister's place.  oh yeah, I'm also grading 18 papers I just got turned in today. 
   hope everyone's summer is going well, I didn't have any specific thoughts to share in this post, just a check in. posts like the nice thing about putting golden crisp cereal on my instant oatmeal every morning, the super cute puppy at my buddy Drew's house when I stopped by Monday, what my neighbor said to me on father's day, transgender issues, Brexit, summer projects, my brother's surprising kindness last weekend, why the Thursday morning instructor drives me crazy, why I LOVE the guy that does Fri. spin class, my Norse Projects obsession, about my buddy S married his bf last weekend, or what I've decided to do for travel this winter break.  Have a great July 4th weekend, all. :)