Saturday, April 30, 2016

i love paul rudd...........

and that is one damn sexy beard

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spring weather happening or not.........

still loving my job and continue to be thankful every  morning, for my truck that gets me there and back dependably and for the fact I'm going to teach at a community college and not the inner city public high school where I used to be. my 4th year now full time and really enjoying it.  
I'm trying to get back some of my original enthusiasm and interest going in students that I had when i started, that's my goal for next year.  I think whether consciously or subconsciously I've grouped up students and made expectations about them based on the same types I see every semester, I dunno though, I make things clear and expect the same from all students, its just the ones that don't have the skills or dedication it takes for college.(yet anyway) alas.....
my comp 1 classes are always a bit tough 2nd semester, Comp II is always great.  THis semester I've had two great classes of COMP II and I'll miss them both, when I'm teaching sometimes about what they need to include in a paper, and they are all just listening and preparing questions, if any, and I feel like we are in a real back and forth shared conversation, that is golden.
the COMP I class not the same, 2nd semester either they are of the personality that didn't get to enrolling in the fall and now started halfway through (noo there is anything wrong with that!), or maybe they had a writing prep class first semester and are now taking my class, etc whatever reasons, something about them, they aren't all taking it as serious and I notice it. I'll be teaching and saying, please stop talking so I can explain this. ha ha, I'll admit that's really just the table of some girls that are taking my class while in high school. but still. another class only half the class has made it this far and a few of them show up but don't turn in major papers, I dont' know why they still come to class!
well only 3 weeks left. woo hoo!
I've been on a committee this semester redesigning the course.  It's been great but now a we prepare to finish up the course and get ready to train the faculty this summer, suddenly someone says, hey lets make this paper 200 points instead, or 3 pages instead, or whatever, and it drives me really crazy because i'm alla bout design and a plan and concept to waht we are doing, not just random changes suddenly done. ugh!  we are a great team and I like both of the other profs I'm working with very much, although during this actual process, the one guy is a really open free thinker and always pensive and dreamy and philosophical about what we're doing, and the other prof , a woman, drives me crazy in not saying a whole lot and then when she does give her 2 cents it's always in a matter of fact tone that it all just makes common sense whatever she says.  I'm not complaining just pointing it out, we work together, but this week, I'm like come on lets get this thing DONE!! ha ha.
I plan to make a very solid curriculum and I feel like sometimes everyone is just bringing what they do in their class to throw into the new course, and my stance is we are all working together to create a course from all our input that fits the design and fits a plan. anyway that's why I'm not blogging much lately this is all boring grown up work stuff. ha
I mentioned travel!!  yes, I'm finally getting out of town this May, to Dominican Republic!! for 6 days.  I have friends there I'll be staying with ( a former roommate from when I lived in Central America and his wife and kids) They have been working at a missionary school there and are now actually about to move back to Central America to take a job at the school we used to teach at together.  I'll be staying in Santiago and plan a day or overnight trip to Punta Rucia to see paradise Island, and then hopefully I can bus to Santo Domingo and back in a day and visit a former student who is a chef at a restaurant there. otherwise I'll do whatever and wherever the family wants me to with them. I'm looking forward to it and what to wear and bring of course. If anyone has been to DR and has a recommendation, please tell.
I posted a radio article the other day about a gay novelist.  The part that made me think was when he said things about the character from the book "long for intimacy & connection"..."but holds hiself at a great remove."  and another part "holds himself unavailable to people and himself"  something about the book taught a lesson on love and desire, and how the character "associates the fullfilment of desire with the pain of exclusion"  there is something in growing up closeted that made me think about those words.something about how I'm just sort of living happily single these days without any clarity over the last several years of exactly what I want or expected from choices I've made ... interesting.
I mentioned less pornography. it's true, what freedom, seriously.  any religious reasons aside, it was watching a few tedtalks on porn that made me consider, okay this not just biblical this is the secular world saying it's a real problem.  So I pretty much just stopped. imagination remains anyway...
I think hearing about how the body responds to the stimulation over and over and then considering my faith in general, and maybe even considering my control issues with hey that thing is controlling me, I mean borderline addiction if you think about it.  hours go by and here I was going to turn in at 930 and start clicking way and suddenly it's 11:30pm!!!! ridiculously idiotic!!!  so I decicded gotta get control, clean break!   it gets rather depressing anyway either for me alone or for all the sad guys putting themselves permanently out there in film exposed. blah
life going on here. the gym, work, this time of yard and garden.  tonight is a tornado weather event.  in fact classes were cancelled after lunch for the rest of the day.  so much for that committee meeting I was prepared to storm into and defend the need for a plan! cancelled, so at 12 noon, after the email came, I left first thing to the gym, swam, worked legs, then ate my lunch in the truck on the way home. ha  played in the yard, ran an errand to the post office, watched the news some, the big bad terrible wolf of tornadoes coming, well nothing yet. wah wah, stuff north of OKC sure, but alas, it's 5pm and not even any rain yet, but the weathermen got the whole so excited and hyped up for the first tornado weather possibility of the year, that schools were closed, let out early, parents taking kids home early,,,,..... but nope nothing yet, it ain't over yet, but the computer models need some work when they are predicitng sever hail and rain after  2pm but now it's five and sunny and clear. wah wah.. better safe than sorry I know, I'm probably just bitter that we didn't at least get the RAIN for my yard!! ha ha. cheers all enjoy spring.

Monday, April 25, 2016

#justtakemymoneyalready ................

Doc Marten X Norse Projects shoes out April 29th.  when two favorite brands collide in shoes!?!?! what to do what to do..............   I can't decide between brown or black, but I'm leaning black, if they are close to $100 I'm in, if they are close to $200 I'm out. but for now let's just admire and imagine what one would wear with them............... :P