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favorite sweater....

today was favorite sweater day, well according to my snap chat post this morning before work.  I have snapchat on the iphone 4 that I use with the wireless signal at home and at work.  My family had me add it, so now my sisters and mom and I can see what we're eating at meals, what we wear to work, and from time to time crazy selfies wherever we are at the time.  anyway, so hear is a little outfit I got together this morning. the Kway hoodie I got last Dec in NYC. woot. and the yellow and black watch that I've had since my 16th birthday and is still keeping time! :)   Those shoes are so comfortable, made in italy leather (lacoste knock off) sneakers I got in Paris back in 08, what a great day.  I wanted some power clothes on (what I call notice me color in clothing) today since I was going to be going strong with my 2 comp II classes and then a division meeting and then the course redesign committee I'm on. great day. didn't have time to swim, so worked out chest only today.  They gym didnt' find my swim suit though... I thought I had left it behind yesterday, but it wasn't found today. :( I'm going to have to do one more search through in my truck and the cab etc... I hope it's not gone for good though...mainly because I cant swim my daily laps til I get another one!! or wear board short which seem dorky to swim laps in, but yeah I'll bring the board shorts with me tomorrow.... ha).
Been so busy and not paying attention to the blog.  I had set up some big goals last weekend to get the application process completed but then I got discouraged on if I even wanted the job or not. Also it was really hard to start writing a 2 page paper on my understanding of integration of one's Christian faith and learning. gulp. I know what i want to say but not how to get it down just right like I'd want to do.  anyway, without having a doctorate, ,which is a qualification they ask for,  I feel like why bother in the first place.  Also I dont' really feel like spending all the money and effort on getting one if they would ask me to. so I dunno.blah! blah!!!!
I did MANY things though while putting off that application letter. I worked all nice day Saturday in the front yard digging up an old path and laying down cloth, pea gravel, sand, and then some bricks into the path.  I'll post a photo of it before I finished it out.   Sunday I did laundry all day, I mean every bit of it, and the bed sheets and got everything folded and put away. whoah. also made some cookies. UGHHH but they were delicious and the last of them were enjoyed after lunch today. yum.
I received some papers to grade tonight so that will keep my busy the rest of the week. oh, I got my Norse Project parka in the mail yesterday. it fits perfect. now to work on the plane ticket! cheers all, thanks for keeping up with the blog those who read....