Wednesday, January 27, 2016

it's getting real, y'all....................

finally purchased my dream parka today..... I figure I'll have this thing forever and I go grey and what with my blue eyes, I should be prepared for any snowy/icy/rainy trek that belies my future. :P
(although seriously I'm totally hoping to send home selfies of me in this thing while visiting ICELAND, baby!!!!) originally posted on Norseprojects on the Norsestore site for way more than I'd ever spend.  I'd been telling myself if there was a price break for maybe 50% or definitely more than that, then I would buy the sucker....Today I received an email about final markdowns at but the original price remained on the parka I wanted. I went to to see if they had anything marked down, but they never carried this parka. Then I just figured I'd google and see what came up. sure enough other stores in Europe had it marked down, and the one in the Netherlands had it at half off, and once I clicked USA it removed tax, and then by giving them my email I got 10% off and what with free shipping, I decided to just go for it. Alas, there probably some import tax that I'll get a bill for eventually.(this has happened before when I spent over $200 on Norse Projects items all at once). but still worth it. we'll see if the Iceland trip actually ever comes into being or not.  I'm remaining optimistic..... :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Monday Monday....

guys I think this semester is going to be pretty awesome, I don't know though, but I'm feeling in the groove right now, now that I've done a semester or two with the new books and the new format for one of my classes, I'm more confident in what I'm doing.  Although I am doing some new things in the other class. The thing is I only have 4 classes right now since I did the winter break intercession class.  Since I used to teach highschool and was used to teaching 5 classes each day, hey I'm good, guys, I am doing just fine with my 2 classes on T,TH and 2 classes on MW. slurp!
I hope to get things really lined out so that my pace and assingments are all mapped out in future semesters. I mean I'll still do new things and adjust and innovate as needed, but I want to get my syllabi all lined out like I had them before the new textbooks and new course design came along. :P
How about that weekend? I ended up NOT going to dinner with bud S because his BF was meeting with a broker about a job for when he becomes certified as a realtor since the move to okc.  our other friend J had a friend in town, so the whole things was called off.
Saturday was a full day, I was up in time to make scones and then off to the club board meeting. There was a problem finding anyone willing to be "nominated" to be our next president (2yr term). So the last meeting we had in Nov, it was announced we might just disband but how could we since we are hosting regionals in 2017? ha  well, all 15 officers were at the meeting and it turns out everything is fine and one of the guys yeah, okay I'll do it, even though he lives in Hobart.  He already asked me if I'd be the Editor of the newsletter for 2 more years, okay okay I guess so. :P
rom there I went to lunch at my usual pizza place and met a former student and caught up on his college career now and his girlfriend and his church and friends and I pretty much talked his ear off otherwise. good times. We were sitting there for a while after pizza like from 12:30 to almost 2pm! then he left to go meet his gf at OCU.  I came home and chilled. My buddy S invited me to dinner at 4pm at S&B Burger (they have AMAZING sweet potatoe fries with a peanut butter and bacon sauce!!) but I said nah, I couldn't eat at 4pm plus I wanted to go see a movie, but then I stayed outside the rest of the day working in the yard until dark and decided no movie.
Well the thing is I have allergies bad all weekend. man I was snorted Flonase and taking tylenol sinus (worthless) all weekend and today. tonight I got home from the gym and said, okay the 4 hour pills have worn off. NO MORE I'm going natural and just blowing and sleeping tonight and I'm telling my body to get over it already! ha  we'll see how I feel in the morning.
You may recall I was thinking about applying for a job at another college that I'm under qualified for, my goal is to get that in GEAR this week! it's still open and I called today and they said my references could mail their letters or even email them. so yeah I'm going to move forward on it, just for the experience,. chances are I won't ever get called in but at least I'll be on their radar.
(I know for the last 2 hiring committees I was on, we at least read more carefully through all the local applicants.)
oh, I also got an email from 21C that they will be hiring soon in OKC.  It's a boutique sort of art museum/hotel. I've been to the one in Bentonville ( I blogged about seeing Hugh Jackman there a while back).  I have this serious kick about wanting to apply for a job when they open in downtown OKC.  My goal is to get some sort of summertime and holidays schtick working part time.  that's my goal anyway.  I know you might think it's a weird career move, but I'm not doing it as a career move, just to satisfy myself about what it would be like to work there at the hotel, not for the pay or anything, just for the experience. it's something I've always wanted to try. I may not even like it, but I've always been interested in doing such. so we'll see if that goes anywhere and I'll keep ya posted.
I want to post a photo of my roof line.  I'll be repairing and replacing some of the trim soon.  The roofer who was here a while back mentioned some sort of material board they have now for the roofline that is like board but a sort of plastic? anyone know what that is? I want to replace some of the boards that are beginning to show signs of age and wear....
enjoy the week/ my semester is off to a solid start so far. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016