Friday, October 09, 2015

fall is here...

such a cruddy week for news, the oregon shooting and then the arizona shooting and how about the French train hero getting stabbed in Sacremento. Well I find it pretty ironic that one of the guy with the hero on the train went to the college in Oregon, whoah. The guy that got stabbed apparently was trying to step in when some guy was beat on a girl, so awful. the kid in Arizon, who knows WHAT the deal was there, what in the world could have made a bunch of white frat guys fight to the point of some kid going out to the car and shooting his handgun back at them?! so mixed up! his twitter and instagram account are still up and pretty much seems like any other kid, granted he had the gun hobby....
I'm having heck of a busy week, 24 plus 23 plus 14 papers to grade this weekend, so besides getting outdoors now and then, I'll be checking papers all weekend. woo hoo.
good news is I went to the gym and swam laps and worked out every day this week. and today as a fifth day, I did my usual Monday chest day today.  I figured by getting ahead , this way it won't hurt me missing Thur and Fri for fall break next week.
After I ate breakfast this morning, I remember that i was supposed to skip breakfast because the "biometric screening" thing was going on at work today and I was signed up for 930 am. It includes a blood test. I went anyway and my sugar levels were still low enough for non fasting... I'll get all my points. ha!
there have been several robberies in the neighborhood I live in this week.  usually the safest little suburb part of town any one would think of to live in. a house had its door kicked in and robbed, then yesterday a girl was home and didn't answer when the guy rang the bell and knocked over and over. then he kicked in their door and found her and stared at her and got freaked out and left . then today another house was kicked in and robbed during broad daylight in the afternoon. crazy stuff!!! this was all a few streets over west of me and some a bit north or south.  the neighborhood facebook page was all lit up with comments this week about unbelief of what was going on and ladies were posting pics of any lone male walking around the streets and everyone calling the police.  hopefully the neighborhood can get the thing figured out and stopped, come together and keep it safe, etc etc.
I'll leave you with some shirts from online. have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

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