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great big busy weekend. Saturday I slept in, worked out in the yard all morning, went for my usual pizza lunch. I sent out a nice photo on instagram at lunch of my freshly served 2 pizza slices next to my Fine Gardening and Monocle magazine. hee!  Saturday afternoon was just doing whatever inside or outside up until dark. now Sunday whew, I had to skip church and go to Kansas to help my brother load up and move to okc. my dad picked me up in his truck with a his big ole flatbed trailer pulling behind ( he's on his 3rd antique car in his shop, he buys 'em online and work on 'em etc....while retired). anyway we get up to SW of WIchita and actually I enjoyed the ride quizing dad about his family since last weekend we were all at a family reunion together in Ponca City. well as we drove up north of the turnoff to where he was raised in Deer Creek, he was pointing out a field where he used to farm in highschool and then every grain elevator that we could see from the highway between there and Kansas he'd tell me the name of the small town it was in. ha.
Once we arrived at my brother's, we were non stop loading up the trailer with all his yard furniture and grills and stuff and garage stuff etc.. packed and stacked and tied down like Beverly Hillbillies :).
the after 1pm or so a bunch of my brother's buddies arrived and we continued to load up the giant Uhaul in his drive. oh btw, AFTER we got there, my brother asked me if I wouldnt' mind driving the Uhaul back to my parents' place. UGHHH. of course I agreed and thus, we got out of town after 3:30pm and I followed my dad all the way back, but we had to stop in Bethany because a tire blew out on the trailer. I had to sort of ride up next to my dad and honk the horn and make gestures, he had no idea what I was talking about but I got in front of him and pulled off the highway and he followed. then we proceeded to jack up the trailier and put on the spare my dad had for the trailer thank goodness. finally back to my foks' place and mom had a dinner waiting. ahhhhh :).
what sucked is then my parents had to drive me back into town to my place so I got home FINALLY by 8 pm, got dinner, went in and out of the house monitoring the amazing lunay eclipse and all the neighbors were out on the block it seemed checking it out.  I was BEAT tired and go to bed by 10:30 or so...
HOWEVER< Monday got off to a terrible start. I DID wake up around 6 am and noticed the time and made myself fall back asleep because it was before the 6:25 alarm goes off... in fact I went back to sleep very soundly and then the alarm never went off. OOPS. forgot to flip it back on last night. UGHHH I woke up around 7:25 which is usually about the time I'm racing out the door to get to work. oh man! had to throw on my clothes, gather things and get out the door! no breakfast, no lunch made, sigh.... then I got in my car and remember, on yeah I'm on empty, the light is on....!  had to stop on the way to work, fill up ( always run empty and fill up and keep the receipt and write down the mileage, it's an OCD thing I have every receipt since I got the pickup but this is beside the point). And then on a positive note, traffic was actually broken up at the right points for me to zip down south at rush hour, but then I had to run through a drive through Burger king for 2 croisanwiches and ate them while getting parked and wlaking in. got to my 8am class by 8:02!!  let me say, a bit of added stress to my day, no sunglasses in the truck and I didn't grab any on the way out!!! UGH
day went well classes, taught etc etc... went to gym after work, swam laps, worked out chest, went to grocery store on the way home. on a postive side, I found my ipod shuffle and headphones that fell between the passenger seat and door. I found the while putting groceries in, yay! been a week wondering wha happened .(Mighty Wind joke anyone?),
Although when I got home, there was  message on my machine from my credit union fraud service, and i called back and couldn't verify any of the 10 or more random charges declined from online stuff from amounts of $100 to .77 cent purchase trials. dad gum!!! so they turned off my card. I'll need to call in the morning immediately cuz I can't book any airbnb rooms until I get that new card in the mail. dang it all!!!
I just bought some trees online so that already went through on the card. a Fagus Sylvatica tricolor beech, and an evergreen cypress, don't remember the name. ha ...I am also very excited on the purchase of some books I found in this month's Monocle magazine though. all those have been purchased before the card turned off.  I'll wait and blog about them once they arrive though. Tomorrow no gym, we're meeting at my brother's new place after 3pm to unload the Uhaul. I think it's my bro and wife, dad, me, and his son-in-law and my sister maybe?? I think a bro in law of his also. okay I'm hitting the sack. good week to all!

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