Saturday, September 19, 2015

what's up Sport!

so wrong.......

there's a "movie" on trash tv channel lifetime tonight, (hey don't talk about my Project Runway channel like that!).  It's an (over) dramatization about the Kansas city house of prayer cult where the leader was gay and married a girl in the "community" house they all shared and then she killed herself. Anyway, it's a pretty corner re-enactment, but it def caught my interesting when the leader was talking about expressing holy intimacy ?? oh my.
anyhow I started googling about it and came up with this very interesting read about what 48 hours didn't tell us.    It's an interesting read with some very good points for take away. however it started to get really interesting in the comments about the whole gay vs church business. anyway, I'm about to turn off the movie and get some papers graded! :P

 above shows the real TYler Deaton and on the right is the actor playing him.........

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