Saturday, September 05, 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015

so many fish in the sea....

and there went August......

I'm keeping busy as usual. school is fully started up and into the 3rd week. I'm content with all my classes this semester. one online and 4 comp classes. I teach 3 on Mon and Wed and one in the morning on Tues and Thurs. so Thursdays and Friday are office hours and awesome! ha
I also have worked into my schedule at least one hour each morning to go practice in the piano rooms, this is good stress relief and fun.
the ESL classes on Wed night at the church are going well and they purchased books for students to share and teacher books for us to use which i a huge help having a system and direction to go etc.
I'm going to football game tonight, a local college on my side of the city.  I former student who transferred from my comm coll that I had in class a few years ago is playing tonight. since he's on my Facebook and instagram, I decided I'd go check out the game and maybe sit by his girlfriend who I've met several least make an appearance to show my support. Little will they know thay I plan to only stay an hour or so and get home by 8:30 in time for Project Runway tonight!! ha ha..
I'm looking forward to the long weekend. I plan to hang around OKC tomorrow night and have dinner with my vet friend, we're planning our Dec 11-14th trip to NYC.
(side note:  my best buddy H in Austin is interviewing at a place in NYC right across from where we stayed last Dec when I met him and his bf there. Anyway, he's pursuing a job and if he gets it, I've been asked to help him find an apartment and move up there! oh my!  If any of you New Yorkers have any tips where to start to find a place, let me know or email.  thank goodness flights to NYC are around $300 these days! )
and then Saturday morning I want to make some scones for a few new neighbors, and then after that I'll hit the road for AR.

I got my Adidas shoes in the mail yesterday, they're aweomse!! I also got some books I'd ordered in the mail today. One is from a story I heard on NPR, The Wake, and the others are Radical by David Platt and Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson which were recommended at church.
happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015