Saturday, August 22, 2015

end of summer update.......

well I'm back to school! busy man I am. just finished first week of students back to classes. I have a pretty nice schedule this year, seeks starts out super full and then I have to slow days. 3 classes Mon, and a lab class, 2 classes Tuesday and a curriculum committee meeting (blah blah), 3 classes Wed, one on THurs morning, and then only office hours after that and all day Friday. whew!
what this means, that if I can get my butt off campus after 3 every day, I can get into the pool and swim 10 laps to warm up, and then hit the gym floor. maybe skip Tuesdays... but I"m going to get back to 4 days a week, and for example this week I started back with a leg day between chest and back day, and then Friday I made arms day, man I haven't done arms day in a LONG LONG time. ha
but I decided since the recent trial this summer on grindr, I might as well hit it a little harder. thing is, you hear it over and over online, to try and be the guy you want to "date", so if you go for in shape guys, get in shape or why would they be attracted back to you. etc etc. blah blah, plus I'm aging blah.
anyway, so that's my motivation, plus college homecoming in Oct, and NYC trip in Dec, and then next spring maybe some travel plans, and I think next summer a high school reunion, that will keep me motivated! ha
A guy I met many years ago at a gym downtown, the sort of place where it's after a workout and you're sitting around in a towel, well he was just finishing law school and super cute muscled up blond guy, grew up mormon and was super nice, well anyway, we talked on and off al lthe time but after going overseas in 2007, I lost track of him here in OKC, and found him later on facebook, well I can't tell if he's single or not and tried a year ago to get a lunch or dinner thing going, but anyway he posted this pic about a "date night' with some girlfrient of his, so I messaged him saying how we never got our date night.... :)  ha well like I said, I think he's dating someone, but if not, I'd like to get out with him for a meal and jsut be friends, I'm not saying it has to go anywhere......
I've got some great students this semester. first week went by fast and we are jumping right into the book and terms and prep for the first paper.  One interesting thing I was looking forward to was having a deaf student in one of my classes and the sing language guy showed up both days this week but the student never did, so I emailed and asked if he's dropping or what.
I also started volunteering at my church on Wednesday nights and this was the second week for that. I'm teaching ESL English classes to Mexican immigrant families in the area, Basically it's the families of workers at the church and then parents of students in the school nearby. we had about 18 show up the first week, and I think 17 this week. we should be dividing them up next week into two groups based on level.  it's VERY difficult for me because I can teach "the phone book" but wasn't planning on having to put effort into planning the lessons, it doesn't seem that they have any curriculum so i asked the lady in charge as nicely as possible what sort of plan/system/material we'd be using and I think she started crying a little but kept a straight face talking about how she was also busy and it was in the planning stages etc etc... I probably shouldn't have used the word hodge podge. anyway, I am all about helping and teaching, the students husbands and wives mainly are all so willing and kind.
you may remember i was on a hiring committee this summer and there were 3 top people we recommended for the 2 positions. and then we gave an alternative 4 and 5 person (from the 7 we interviewed) well I was surprised to find they hired our first choice, and then the number 4. hmm. anyway, both nice ladies and they started with us last week and going to be a great addition to our team. boy, the things I learned about interviewing while on that committee.
I had dinner with my vet friend from HS last night. We caught up since I haven't seen her since my July trip to Manhattan KS and her trip to cape cod this summer.  We are planning on going to NYC in Dec (12-15?).  I've never traveled with her before, but she never gets to do anything fun or travel since she's single, and since I'd just go alone anyway, I figure when she mentioned going, why not? I'm finding plenty of greatly located places on AIRBNB to stay in NYC with a bedroom and then an extra bed for me for under $200 so between the two of us, very affordable.  It will sure beat staying at the Jane Hotel, which is always my only other option for about $100 a night in NYC. Also a nice thing about having a friend along, and sharing a cab from the airport and back. yay!
weather is mild and I was out in the yard all morning. I'll post some photos of the outcome of this years efforts. fall weather just ahead which means bring on the jacket/shoes/sweaters/layered outfits. ha!

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