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make it a beach wknd! ....

summer goes on....

Happy Friday guys,  man busy week and summer. I was out of town all last weekend in Manhattan Kansas.  not sure if any readers are there. It's a really nice town. I had a blast.
last Thursday, after work I came home and got all my things packed and drove up to SE of Wichita to stay the night with my brother and his wife.  I got there by 7:30 I think and got to chat and visit a while.  Friday morning I was up and heading out of town by 9 am. drove up through Wichita. I meant to take the 35 exit NE to El Dorado but missed it and went straight up through Wichita. I exited somewhere north of 53rd and asked a gas station attendent who was out side hosing off the walkway. he spit out some dip onto the side of the building to answer my questions though. ?  anyway he aid I'd missed the tollway exit and to go back south of 53rd and take the highway there east to El Dorado, which I did. I hit highway 77 up north to Junction City and the from there to Manhattan. great place, a college town. I drove around visiting 4 gardens that were on the open garden tour. and then to the hotel to meet up with about 22 people, our club,  that came up that morning on a bus from OKC . we went out to dinner then back to the hotel for the convetion which started at 6:30 for a plant auction.
Anyway, I got to tour a lot of nice gardens Saturday and Sunday morning, but the highlight of my trip was when I met a former college bud who teaches at the University. he came and picked me up and showed me a few houses in town, the castle house, and then over to Tapwerks brewery or something like that for a drink. while we waited for a seat, we walked downtown to the new dicsovery center and he showed me al lthe new hotels there east side of town. we went back and got a table and talked for the longest time.he and I were both English majors.and now he has the wife and kids and the doctorate, I was so proud of him and what he's doing, we compared teaching comp classes and talked about a few authors. he was surprised that I knew of some of the graphic novels I mentioned. ha
One thing I was going to say is the "bus captain" during the garden tours was this super nice guy who came to find out knew my friend and worked with him at the college.  some single guy that used to teach overseas, so we had a good conversation at one point.  also there were these two guys (a gay couple) who had their house on the tour, and I was chatting them up of course during the tour and afterwards at the final Sunday lunch.  I was thinking probably they get the hint I'm "part of the family" since one made a comment that I changed my shirt for lunch. ha ha. (of course I packed different outfits and such and felt like changing into a polo from a t shirt for lunch etc etc. ha).
I got out of Manhattan by 2 pm or so and went back to my brother's about 2.5 hours drive and picked up a beagle dog that they had asked me to bring back to OKC to my niece/their daughter. I guess they'd been sitting it for a while.  so this little dog came home with me to OKC.  I had to stop for gas at the Perry exit coming south on I 35. well, I guess you could say I'm not used to having dogs. while stopped I left the truck running so she'd have AC while I filled up.. sure enough she started pawing at the window and locked herself in by pushing the lock down. UGH!!! ha ha. I was like, oh great!
(I never panic in these situation because it happens to me a lot actually.... ugh)  well I had left my driver's side window down ( I make it a happen ANYTIME I get out of a car with keys in it!!!) thank goodness, so I went inside and asked for a wire hangar, none. I asked some girl that was getting gas, no  finally some guy next to my car had one in his car . I said sorry about your shirt, as he took the shirt off and gave me the hangar.  anyway, I began to unwind the hangar and get it inside so as to go through the steering wheel and then horizontally to the door handle.. I kept almost getting it, then I decided to pull up on the window knob to open the window more. that helped but still couldn't get my arm in. then it slipped or the dog was jumping around and it fell in the more hangar...
I went back inside and asked for the broom because I noticed it had an open triangle sort of at the base at the broom. I stuck that into my truck and with the open part looped on the window handle I was able to wind it down further and get my arm in to open the door etc..all this while the beagle would bark or howl from time to time...  (it was fine the air was on).
well that was about 10-15 delay, then I got back to okc and returned the dog. I still need to vaccumm the dog hair from my truck though! :P ha
this week was terribly busy because I had to meet up at work to be on a committee to hire 2 new full time professors. It was fun being on the other side of it, after getting hired two years ago.  We had 7 people, 2 on Monday, 2 Tuesday (one before my class and one after ugh) one Wednesday, and 2 on THursday same as Tues. today we all met again!!!!! back on campus to make our choices. we all agreed on the top 3 and sort of for the 4 and 5.  basically we recommend the top 3 for the two positions and then 2 more for alternates for whatever reason, then our bosses interview those and decide etc... I look forward to it and hope to see if my choices get the 2 positions.
today FINALLY I am home and relaxing and planning to go to dinner tonight with buddy S. He wants to check out a place in OKC called Garage for dinner, and then make an "appearance" at a goodbye party for a gay friend of ours.  he called it an appearance because he knows neither one of us really wants to just hang out at some bar and drink it up with that crowd. ha I think anyway.
I hope everyone is enjoying summer. I got an email from a blog reader visiting OKC that I need to reply to about meeting up and saying Hi. I also got an email from a reader who was travelling through. I hope you guys are enjoying the road trip and staying safe! cheers.

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