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pratt fall....

Indominus Rex....

watch out for that dinosaur because when you get that many modified genes together, it becomes artificial intelligence apparently smarter than any other dinosaur. man I got to tell ya, regardless of storyline, plausibility, reality, those things don't matter when it comes to Jurassic Park franchise, all of those things went out the door from the very first film. it's about the chase and the ride! Wow, just saw the film tonight with best bud S and our friend J.  Except for the mishap I made of getting tickets online Tuesday and thinking they were the second from the back, oops they were they were the second row from the screen. UGH!!! but alas, still good seats what with the theatre being a flat floor full of recliner seats.  we loved it!  It has all the classic inclusions of chase scenes, surprises, unsuspected obstacles, kids being terrorized, the just barely out of reach before getting chopped! I pulled my feet up off the floor in reaction at one point. such a fun thrill and boy Chris Pratt can do no wrong, he's like this awesome grown man badass in this movie. excellent character acting without the usual goofy shenanigans of other films' characters.  paricularly excellent acting on the part of Jake Johnson. not so much the guy from Law and Order who I think is a wonderful actor, but you can kind of see him acting at some points. Awesome film, and I was pleased to find out it was the same director of that sci fi film I love so much and have gone on about here before "Safety not Guaranteed" (it's on netflix, watch it!), Colin Trevorrow.
I survived the week well busy as it was, I survived dog sitting too. ha Buddy has this huge complex of a house, I think I mentioned it before this long hallways of rooms after room after rooms all in a big L shape around this gorgeous back yard with a in ground pool and two patio porches, one with a built in granite counter top grill and table and chairs, and the other with a hot tub and fire place.
well anyway, Tuesday after the gym after work, I went and picked up the dog from daycare, took it home, came back to my place to pack up some things and water plants, went back and stayed the night there.  each day I got up, went to the YMCA near my house and then home for breakfast, back to get the dog and take to daycare, then back home or to work, and then in the afternoon, pick up the dog from daycare, come home and water and eat dinner, than back to S's for the night and staying the night.  his place is awesome and comfy couches and recliners and the dog at your feet the whole time, cox cable, i watched Jurassic Park reruns all week on Scyfy (and btw why exactly is WWE Wrestling on the ScyFy channel??). it was agreat week and S's dog stayed by me the whole time, laid outside the shower at while i cleaned up each night, and was at the side of the bed or on the bed each night while I slept over.  only mishap sort of was Wednesday morning when I let her back inside after giving her mornig dog food and I hadn't realized she was wet from getting in and out of the pool and I was back in the bedroom packing up some things and she jumped up on the bed on my sheets, and I got her down then pulled the sheets over and before I know it she jumps back up there and sits on my pillow and sheet area again. ughh!! ha ha. she didn't know any better ah well.
I successfully made it to spinning class m/w/f and to yoga on T morning but not Th no way, too busy with dog stuff and getting ready for work that morning.
so today was an awesome day off and I got to see S when he got back in town and we headed over to the mall with J and had dinner, shopped around a bit and then  the movie. I'm looking forward to getting out in the yard tomorrow (it rained all morning today and this afternoon I did online class stuff). maybe going to drive up to AR Sunday, havne't decided yet. I'm including a photo of a perennial cardoon (ornamental artichoke) that I planted at S'd place last year and it grew back really well this summer. hope all enjoy the weekend. watch out for the dinosaurs on the island! :P

beach boys...

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shirtless summer?

summer day

I've found that I tend to be the person who gets more done the more I have to do or schedule in thing.  that's the way it is. seems like when I have nothing to do, i just put everything off and get little done. UNLESS I plan to get something done and spend the whole day on it, then I like getting into a groove and hitting the project, like some vast outside job, or the attic, or clean an entire room etc etc. anyway if I have a day off and one little thing gets in my way like some errand here or there in the afternoon or a workout or meeting, I can't concentrate on the project, I think too much about well in an hour I have to get ready for that thing in a couple of hours etc...but with summers. it's awesome because while I'm doing nothing, I find myself getting my mind all around planning and preparing and getting ideas. for example today in class, I had been thinking for a few days how I wanted to this or that activity with the students, have them write, read to them, what group discussions they'd do, and alack, it played out pretty much like I pre rehearsed.  busy day!! today,  i successfully made it to yoga (not as great a workout as on the Air force base in kabul but still a good stretch and firming moves). then swam laps and was home just after 6:30, breakfast, out in the yard taking photos and watering a bit, off to work, planning and taking care of STUFF. teaching, office hours, gym to swim and work out my bird legs, then zoom off north of town to pic up my buddy S's dog at doggy daycare.  He is gone the next 3 days so I'll be taking care of his dog and sleeping over at his place til Friday. I'm at home now getting dinner and taking care of some watering, then I'll get back over to S's to enjoy his dog and satelite channels and nice comfy furniture etc etc. I'm of all day tomorrow so after taking his dog to daycare, I'm going to come back to my place to do yardwork of course and enjoy my day off!! yes! and at some point I'm going over to A's place . it's her day off on Wed's and her wife is out of town this week so I'm going to hang with her and help her get some house projects. can't tell ya the love I have for A. it's crazy knowing her since 7th grade and growing up with her, and now we are both discussion our Christian beliefs constantly, she's not always sure about being married and having had a kid with her wife, but I tell her, it's a blessing embrace it my love! she's so awesome, anyway, we're going to hang.
ALSO, news news news........(Mike pay attention)  she's giving me her iphone 4!! ha  I can't wait to play with it and see what all I can do with it via my internet and such.  I'm going to hold off putting a phone number in it, although i could use the same ATT phone number in my gophone I'm sure. I'm not ready to joint he cellphone world just yet. ( I dont' carry a cellphone but I use the gophone Nokia when I travel). so anyway, now I can get an instagram account and I thin do facetime maybe with other apple devices.... I'll find out and am looking foward to playing with it. :P
I'm goin to sleep so well tonight at S's place.  He had written down his address on his instructions about the dog, and we were laughing as i was going over with him yesterday, like I know where you live, and he was like, well if you need to tell a trick how to get here, yeah whatever!!! ha he knows me better than that.  he does have a hot tub which I might make use of if it ever cools down this week.  his dog is very aweomse a girl black lab. she's super sweet and always always wants to play you just hate to dissapoint her. ha
so far a good kick off to the week. enjoy yours! 

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summer sun.............

wknd update

summer is getting its groove on.  had a great first week of classes last week.  It's going to be a good summer with only one class. most of them are already good writers, and a few have already dropped so all good.  I also have a handful of Korean students which is very cool and I have a handful of students that will be going into their senior year of high school. what motivated students!
I forget if I already blogged about it or emailed someone about it but I'm starting some cardio mornings this summer, starting this week. I plan to swim laps every morning and on M/W/Fri morning go to spin class and on T/Th morning do yoga. all before 7am woot woot! hopefully i can stick to it.  This week will be a tricky schedule because I'm housesitting for my buddy S while he's out of town and taking care of his dog. He's actually made it very easy for me since I can take the dog to daycare each day and pick it up after work.  I'll get to watch his big tv and switch through all his satellite channels. :)
I my next 5 paychecks all included with last Friday's paycheck! So I had to move funds around into savings and plan ahead what to "pay myself" every other Friday until September 11th which is my next paycheck in the new fiscal year pay period.  I'll get paychecks this summer for the title three committee and the summer class I'm teaching. I'm hoping that cutting back on any travel this summer will help me save most of it and maybe I can put more towards my truck loan, cant' wait to get rid of that car loan! ugh
I wasn't very excited about all the Bruce Jenner hoopla.  I must not be a very good gay since I've never watched one second or care to read or hear about anything kardashian.  So I pretty much haven't cared about anything Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender.  Maybe it was just way too publicized that got on my nerves.  I believe he has every right, and I support transgender rights and all, but it's a confusing topic.  a person at my work was pointing out that if a person believes a person is born gay, and how dare anyone try to change themselves either physically or through therapy not be gay and how it seemed opposite to a person being born one gender and then wanting to physically change themselves and receive therapy to become a woman or man.  I guess it's all psychological, which to me seems like how does transgender compare to eating disorders, where a person wished they physically had a different appearance, yet that's called a disorder but transgender is not. I also don't understand if transgender wants to be with a man or woman as a man or woman or what. so anyway those are my 2 cents.  I think in the overall picture I feel it's sort of a first world problem and luxury.  There must be transgender people all over the world who deserve the right not to be discriminated against, absolutely, but is it reality any of them could afford the medical procedures or therapy etc....hmmm
single me this weekend had thoughts of being some sort of unique species of human, seeing as how normal it is that every one is paired up with someone else, straight or gay couples. They are paired up and living that very normal and I think instinctual part of being a human, partnering up and having someone to care for and to care for you, make a team, the companionship needed to get through the rest of life not alone. and then there's me, like someone who has chosen neither man or woman and just lives alone, I guess it's what they used to call a confirmed batchelor, which I always thought of as someone who decidely didn't want to get married and just play the field, but now looking back I wonder if it was just code for "gay."  I don't want to be confirmed anything in life. I want the rest of life to retain some mysteries and unexpected pleasures and goals to attain for.  However I am understanding that it's probably better having someone to share them with.  all in due time.
I'm sure there is a way beyond online dating to meet people, or is there? I'm sort of over and bored with the physcial part of it and see the value of the companionship in general.   Some might say, be brave and get out and meet someone or talk to someone etc.. and I am brave and confident mostly in person. Believe me if I'm suddenly charmed by someone, all my charm is suddenly on full alert.  but meeting people otherwise can be difficult because I'm usually talking too much about me me me or not listening well enough, or too hyper mentally analyzing everything I say or should say or should not say. well nervous me anyway. I make terrible first impressions.  Especially anyone from this blog because I'm already recording everything about me here, and know nothing about a reader.  It's different than just typing your thoughts out on a blog.. plus it's easy when everything is anonymously recorded and marked down on a blog. you get your thoughts out more, you can plan how you word them unlike talking which is just thinking and talking all at the same time! ha 
tonight I am watching the Tony awards. should be a great show as always.  I'm doing laundry now this afternoon, I may go over to my buddy S's later or tomorrow, let me know if you read this.
hope everyone is enjoying the weeeknd

tonys tonight............