Sunday, February 22, 2015

where's the beach.........

fun times almost here.............

Ive' been going non stop. still out there? just work stuff. oh man!being on the committee for the course re design takes up some time, ti's got to the point of not just doing it at the meeting, but like brings stuff back to meetings. well I did get a work out in all the days I wanted last week. but this weekend I had my allergies hit badly. was taking pills and blowing it all weekend. took a tylenol allergy plus pm for tonight so I can breathe and sleep.tomorrow I'm taking a mucinex before work. I want to get rid of this before leaving for my trip on Thursday morning.
well anyway,so my busy weekend, i went up to work Friday morning, office hours all day, prepared to also get in my performance review, but when i sent it for review and she sent it back. I thought that was the review but she wanted it back again to review before the meeting, so anyway, we rescheduled.
then I thought I'd be grading my class's 83 essays, but no I had to clear up the deal with the review, then get some assignments from my other classes graded, and then I thought, okay I still have some morning time to start in on the papers. NOPE, I had to use publisher at work to start up a newsletter for my garden club . the meeting was saturday so the deadline is to get it out before the Feb meeting. UGH. I didn't get into doing much this time, just included the minutes from past meetings, the calendar for this year, and then 3 obits. got that done finally, and then instead of hitting those papers, I was thinking, dang I'm leaving after Wed and need to get all my work for the NEXT week turned in for copies. blah
I started grading paper by 2pm and then stayed late til 6:45 and left for home, boo hoo no gym time.
I have a story about Wed gymday, it's leg day, well I'm about 5 machines away on a leg extension machine waiting for the 27ish loooking trainer guy finish up with this highschool kid on the leg gurl machine.  I keep glancing over. and the thing is as they are trading turns, I see the trainer guy standing there at the side of this kid with his phone in front of his facce liek he's looking into it, but hes videotaping the kids butt on the leg curl as he's working out.  I was thinking, well maybe that's to review his form later, but then the guy had a turn, and then the kids again, and again, from as far away as i was I could see in the little corner of his phones screen the kids white shorts backside as he's doing leg curls.  well I thought mabey it's a training thing for review or maybe it's something weird. ha any thoughts. I'm not making that stuff up.
Saturday and SUnday I straight up just sat here and graded papers. I have 9 left but got disctracted by the oscars and the BBC's bake off on PBS.
I"m getting packed for my trip to Tegus. I'm getting more and more excited as it gets closer.  I've been given a project by my host to bring them some Crystal light raspberry packets. ha. I also have a baby blanket as a gift for a former student I plan to have dinner with her and her husband Thrusday night.  I had to find this silk scarf I got for a students I visited in Barcelona way back while I as living over seas teaching in Kabbull. I never got it shipped to Spain or when she lived in Belgium, but now she's back in Central AMerica so I'm bringing it to her in person after so many years. ha! while in that box under the bed in the guest bedroom, I was like you know what, I'm taking a rug with me too, I have a few awesome rugs in box that I brought abck from kabbul also, and so thought, I can't wait to see this one super nice and humble couple that lived across from the teacher apartments, and I taught 3 of their kids. so anyway i was like, thinking, I'm taking that rug to the velasquezes!!! I also have serveral boxes of Expo markers to bring to teachers, and a few books that is a devotional book I've had and followed for years now every morning, so I'm bringing 3 of those to maybe share with someone.  oh yeah all the ties I got on sale after Christmas. and the last thing I'll do is go to Panera Bread on Wednesday and get 3 ro 4 dozen bagels,and cheese spread, freeze them and take with me Thrusday morning, it's always a nice treat to get some American stuff when you're down there. I remember it well. lived there 3 years teaching 7th and 8th grade math and English at the missionary school I'm going to visit.
I have tons of stuff to do, and I hated not going swimming and doing chest today but I had to grade papers, and tomorrow we're doing an interview again, so I'll be there til 5:30 and then home etc etc.
I have to get things DONE for real so I'm ready, I might take a shot of my clothes I'm bringing with me just for kicks. cheers.