Saturday, February 14, 2015

seasons of love....................

wknd agn

weekend is here! another 12 days and I'll be in Central America. woo hoo!  So much to do between now and then, namely this stack of 40 papers I'll be grading all weekend. alas!  Watching "Dog Whisper" this morning on tv, sort of my new habit on Saturday mornings.  but I'll start into the papers after this post.  I hope this weekend to get all my clothes planned for the trip. One thing I have to take with me is a suit for a formal banquet.  so I'll choose a nice tie and shirt to wear with that, otherwise shirts and jeans, and actually the weather is super nice down there this time of year but cool at night so long sleeve stuff. high altitude type stuff.
I'm excited to get away. I have the ticket paid off my visa, so now I'm itching to buy a ticket for something to do spring break.... perhaps this will be a staycation year for spring break and I'll save up some money instead to get some trees cut down in the back yard.
I didn't get as much done during my day of office hours yesterday like I thought I would.. I have a performance review coming up next week, so I opened this file to fill out my self appraisal, and after getting that done I worked some more and then came back to it at lunch and noticed it was the wrong file, the development plan instead of the self appraisal, blah blah blha. so I spent the rest of the afternoon sort of figuring it out. of course I had an hour and a half off for lunch in my office, a former student came by and talked to my for over an hour, then I had lunch.
anyway, by 3 I was out and off to the gym, swam laps, worked out back. and since my buddy S is gone away this weekend to AR, I drove west of town to see my sister, and than meet my mom and dad at a McAlister's for dinner. My dad found a Tiny Tim generator from the 40's and got it running again.  I gave my mom an American Girls doll dress as a little valentine gift, (I'd gotten it as an extra when I bought her some gifts at that store for Christmas.)

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I've been listening to this album all last week while in the office. good album

first week of Feb..............

Good Sunday sunny mormning. another week gone by, and that's what this time of year is all about. working through the weeks, getting the savings account stocked back up, and letting the weeks pass by quickly until spring is here. for me, I basically keep dates in mind to work toward, end of Feb trip. then I'll be looking forward to Spring break, then after that I look forward to APril 15th which is OKC's traditional last below freezing date. next just end of spring semester and SUMMER!  sorry if I've already blogged about this.
I was approached last week at work about teaching an "Intercession" course during 3 weeks of May.
At first I was thinking it's something I'd never do. I can't even imagine having to teach a whole semester in 3 weeks, and like grading a stack of papers every 2 or 3 days. UGH!! on the other hand, since I was planning on only teaching one class this summer anyway, I could have it all done after 3 weeks and have the rest of summer off, same $$. sigh. THing is, May is usually when I get my garden thing on, and also travel a bit if possible.  I might consider it in the following summers, but this one, I've already planned to work in students advising as well so I wouldn't really have the rest of summer off, but it's tempting....
Teaching all my classes Mon - Thurs makes the week go by really fast, I am enjoying having all day off in my office on Fridays though. getting everything caught up from the week grade wise. emailing students about their absences or work not turned in ( only because it's the first of semester). and turning in all my copies to be printed for the following week.  SInce we have new books, I'm trying to get rid of stacks of papers of stuff that all goes to the old books. blah blah
I finally got a good 4th day in at the gym last week, arm day! got to keep that consistent on Friday afternoon's .  Friday night I went downtown to see the Oscar nominated live action short films at the OKC MOA. anyone else see any of them?  I vote for "Butter Lamp" probably 'cause I always lean toward a good travel/culture experience in a film.  today after church I'm going to see the Oscar nominated animated short films with best bud S.  He and I went up to the mall last night to walk around a bit and then dinner at teh food court.  I'm still crazy for the straight young manager at Fossil store. He was working and started talking to us.this sort of square clark kent clean cut dark haired guy with a British accent. He pronounced the word "curfew" without the r and S and I were like, what? ha ha, I also like the way he said "process" with a long O sound.  We were having some sort of conversation about the cops in the mall and keeping the kids out of there on Saturday nights etc etc.
Nothing new here in the world of Dan, like said before get winter over with and spring around the corner. cheers for checking out the blog.