Saturday, January 24, 2015

good morning gorgeous?.....

face time...........pucker up!

Om Shanti Om

my students would always tell me how Shahrukh Khan was better than actors like Tom Cruise because he could act, dance, and sing. He's definitely acting and dancing here at 41 in 2007. must be some nice Indian genes to be that fit and have that much hair at 41. I'd say it's because he's so rich, but there are probably a lot of older very poor men in India that eat less and work hard every day just as cut. weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

another week almost DOWN..........

well the first week of classes got off to a good start, although a little shaky at that.  becuae there was no school on Monday, I had to combine the first week of MW classes into Wednesday. T/Th classes went swell. whatI love most about my comp II classes is they all have some personality in them and they all have a handful of former COMP I students. this is pretty awesome , and I was really happy to see all my former students did the best on the initial assessment paper, where on the first day of class they have to just write a 3-4 paragraphs about some topic I put on the board.
yesterday almost had me for lunch! I was in my office at 1:12pm and a prof comes in there saying, your class is waiting for you at the same time my phone rang from the division office downstairs. OOPS I was just sitting in my office sort of waiting to go to what I thought was my 1:30 class. I've only ever taught them on T.TH so this was new for me having an afternoon class on Wed. blah blah crisis averted. but i was in rush mode and stress out mode the rest of the day, getting to class, getting stuff turned in to copiers, getting home with a headache. I forfeited gym time yesterday , just spent an extra hour two in my office , came home feeling yucky, and stripped and got into a hot bath with a tree catalog that I found on the floor from the mail slot next to my front door, yup, believe it or not, that was pretty relaxing soaking and reading about trees (I'm considering a golden curls willow tree).
slept so good, and today was up there by 7:30 and taught all 3 classes, just dove right in! ha
today i was determined to make it back to the gym, I went Sunday on purpose thinking Monday I'd just be enjoying the day off, which I did and did yard work all day. Tuesday is a long day and I never make it to gym, then yesterday didn't work out, so finally yes, today, I was in the pool by 3:30 and then working legs by 4 and out of there before 5 sometime. I like being back to the nicer gym near work.
well, guess who would have liked to blow some cash on an IPAD..., BUT did not because I had to get a ticket to Central America for $858 bucks?!?! yup that's right, I watched prices of tickets for the last month and as it's approaching a month before my trip end of FEB, I bit the bullet and just bought the ding dang ticket.  get this, a week ago, Delta had a flight at $753 and I was waiting to see if United was going to come down... then the day I chose to just buy the ticket (last Sunday) Delta went up to $861.... I have 21,000 miles with Delta and was going to get $200 off the ticket in miles, but turns out you can only use miles for money if you have the Delta Credit card. UGHHHH!
so anyway, I waited most of the week and then said to myself, just buy the ticket , it's worth it, sure it's almost what you'd spend on a ticket to Europe, but anywhere there I'd be alone running around, and the weekend trip to Central America will be full of former students and coworkers the whole time I'm there so, alas!!! DONE! :)  my boss was super nice about taking the days off, no classes on Friday so I'm only missing Thursday's. will leave that morning, and be down there by 12:30. back home Sunday night etc.
so why do I mention the IPAD? well tonight I had an electronic emergency, I walked by the table here stepped on the power cord in such a way that it was ripped out of the laptop and bent up the prongs really bad (it's the universal adapter I got in Mexico last summer, so it has this part that connect to the cord and then into the computer, so those prongs got all bent out)  I bent them back and one broke off!! dad gum it!! my battery is already bad and it gives me a warning thing that says replace battery whenever I unplug the laptop. well anyway, I got out a knife and widdled the plastic off to show the metal inside.  I got an old power cord and took some wire out of it.  I wrappe some wire around the little piece of prong and duct taped it with a little bitty piece of duct tape, then cut the plastic off the other end of the wire and sort of taped that wrapping tape around it so it touched the metal part I'd exposed for cutting down the plastic, okay so then I sort of got the loose prong and the other one stuck into the adpater part and then into the computer .....and.............power! man way to Mcguyver that thing!! I'll unplug it before bed just in case it starts some sort of fire or something for all I know. blah!! yes,  iknow it's time for anew laptop or just get an ipad, that's what my buddy S will tell me when he reads this post, probably. ha ha! nope, no budget for that shizzle right now, the next month is about paying off the credit card back down to zero so i can enjoy going down on my trip and have cash to spend on stuff and gifts.  I plan to bring a couple hundred $$ to leave with someone at school to send to my former maid who lives near the school. She was so honest and kind and I like the idea of surprising her with a little extra $$. in person I plan to visit her and just bring a nice small gift, chocolate or little blanket or something (they are poor and live without heat/air there in a village in the mountain etc etc..)
anyway, tomorrow no classes, just work and plan in the office. I'm bringing a huge stack of "coffee table" books that I never know what to do with or end up on a shelf in the spare room, so they are going up to my office for fun, bunch of huge art books, Murakami, ALEX KATZ catalog of small painting,Van Gogh, London Museum, graphic novels "The Gigantic Beard that was Evil" , "The Arrival",  "Now You're Logging", "In the SHaodow of the Towers", some Chris ware book, and this huge Wes Anderson book about all his movies, and some others I can't see them from where I'm sitting, one is a pop up book about a subway stop in England, and the other a pop up book of Frank Lloyd WRight buildings. now don't all those sound like they belong in an English prof's office instead of forgotten on some shelf? ha
let's get this week over with, cheers!

Monday, January 19, 2015