Saturday, January 10, 2015

ya think short shorts'll ever come back? ha...........

yup that's bruce jenner and steve guttenberg, not sure exactly what this movie was rated what with that shower scene and gymnastics or rope climbing going on at my Y.... ;)

do YOU ever check yourself?.....

too cold for the gym?......

Friday, January 09, 2015

beefy Friday....

sia and shia...........

well this is all over the news this morning. criticized as pornographic etc... I find it pretty artsy and conceptual. Perhaps the criticism comes from some of the poses the girl makes while dancing, between the dancers, it doesn't seem anything inappropriate is going on. The artist has explained its the young her and the future her going at it in the video, although it remains unclear why a 28 year old man, Labouef represents her in the future. I think the video definitely displays his love for acting. overall I'm not sure what the fuss is, I'd never heard of the artisit before so perhaps the push to be controversial in the video is getting the publicity it desired..

Thursday, January 08, 2015


MAIDAN (trailer) from Cinema Guild on Vimeo.

I went and saw this film tonight at the OKC MOA downtown. was interesting to say the least... also liked this funeral song they played close to the end of events in the film..beautifully haunting
A duck swims upon the Tysyna [river].
Mother of mine, don't cry for me.
You will cry for me in an evil hour;
I don t know myself where I will die.
I will perish in a strange land,
And who will bear me to the grave?
Foreign people will carry me out.
Won't this be a grief to you, mother?
How ever, little son, could it not bring grief?
You [once] lay upon my heart.
... A duck swims upon the Tysyna.


joshua Sasses has a nice package right before he says adventure awaits as he stands up...and then a lovely getting bathed scene, ha  good scenery but pretty cheesy "musical comedy" overall. I was just flipping channels last night and came across this scene. ha

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

back to Crystal Bridges....

twine and mixed media above, but the image should be rotated as they were hanging from the ceiling. next is a work titled "Strangest Fruit" by Vincent Valdez . and the next pic shows a definition video portrait titled Jake Johnny Young Trucker from the series Fracking Fields 2013 by Susie J Lee. These men are worker in the oil and natural gas "fracking" industry in North Dakota, where the artist was born. She asked them to sit silently for an extended period in front of the camera. Below are prints by Michael Menchaca, The artist updates the ancient form of the codex-folded books used in pre-Columbian cultures to tell stories. Replacing ancient symbols with cartoonish characters, the artist draws on the his ancestry in addressing issues along the Mexico-United States border. In this narrative, a mustachioed cat in a sombrero represents the plight of Mexican immigrants to the US.

The last photo below shows a work by Ligia Bouton based on the book Animal Farm

shirt up TUesday...