Saturday, November 15, 2014

NFL past.... uh huh...


have you heard the term lumbersexual?   GEERJUNKIE website

check the link for the proposal of what's replaced metrosexual... ha ha  It kind of reminds me of the grunge 90's , but then I guess grunge was more inspired by the Seattle alternative rock scene at the time...
and why am I just finding out about this Jason Schwartzman film?.... :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

here I am................

Here I am in OKC. cold cold cold.  well I haven't been blogging much lately. whew busy last week and weekend.  I was trying to get stuff done at home to get the house clean and ready for visitors and on top of that I was trying to get papers returned to students by Friday morning classes. AND I had a few furniture moving jobs last week.$$ my Austin buddy H and his bf M came up Friday and got here about 3:30 just 30 minutes after I arrived home from work. We hung out a bit and I gave them a little tour of all my plants and landscaping around the house outside, then we left for dinner. I'd planned to take them to Iguana Grill at Nichols Hill plaza, BUT it had closed.....oops. So we went to Republic instead on classen curve.  good time and we discussed our plans for NYC trip in Dec during dinner.
Saturday morning H was up and out of here by 8am to the OU football game.  M and I had breakfast and got out of the hosue by 1030 to run errands. we went my Lowes and a fabric store (He wants to have shirts made to wear in NYC but we didn't find anything interesting at ALL for shirts here in OKC) and next went to the outlet mall , then dowtown to lunch at Kitchen 324. YUM I had the best chicken pot pie off their brunch menu. MMmmmm
next, a stop at Verdigris, a really awesome flea market type store on 7th and Hudson. M found some different recycled metal sign letters and I bought some stuff. then we were off to the Penn Square Mall movie theater to see "Big Hero 6". a great film!
by the time we got back home I'd talked his ear off, I asked M a lot of questions about his upbringing and stuff and I went on about where I'm at in life and blah blah. anyway, H got back about 4:30 and we chatted some then I took him and M over to his mom and dad's for dinner. I came home and relaxed.
was a great weekend and we got a lot of ideas out about stuff to do in NYC.  H may have some free tickets to some shows via his job. maybe Illusionists and/or Disenchanted.  I told them I might skip both nights IF they go see them, and instead just walk around shop etc!!! ha  or maybe get a cheap ticket for one to On the Town.  I'm up for suggestions on experimental puppet theater, anyone? ha
H wants to visit canal street, which I'm going to have research.  I'm hoping to find some nice tie places, maybe sweaters. there's a balance between shopping fun and new places but keeping things just over budget and not the ridiculously priced $240-$400 range for shirts and sweaters.  I do have Paul Smith on the list for a scarf though.  I plan to get a coat or jacket at the Billabong or Quiksilver on times squares, and maybe a swatch watch if I find one I like, that's about all on my list so far. :P
I'm one a bunch of committees this year and that's go me busy, I also got 3  classes worth of papers turned in today so that's what I'll be up to this next weekend, grading! bored yet?
hope everyone is keeping warm tonight, I know it keeps me sleeping really well. oh yeah and I'm still loving the new gym, also a former students that I also used to write about told me he's gonna take my class again (the one he never finished and failed out of). that should be some fun next semester. cheers all.