Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

honor those who serve!

heard and amazing talk from the author of "things they carried" this week, was unbelievable hearing him speak of time in Vietnam and losing close friends....respect!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

hairy pets....


that's me, ENFJ, would you have guessed it?  I don't know if anyone else has seen the personality test results coming up on social network, but today I decided, what the heck, clicked on the link, and answered the questions, and it turns out I'm a giver. :) extraverted, Intuitive, feeling, and judging. hmmm okay.
been crazy as all get out lately. work and such and enjoying the awesome fall weather outdoors as much as possible. I'm supposed to be saving money for NYC trip in Dec, but for some reason I blew some cash on Norse Projects sweater and jacket I guess i had to have shipped from Denmark.  I'm still looking for the brownish sweater I wanted so badly, but Norse projects is out of stock and the ONLY PLACE ONLINE is in Sweden, and they haven't answered back to my email in English.. boo hoo... I think just the hunt alone is most of the fun, but I am determined to phone dial the store in Sweden if I have to!!!!!! ha ha.
Am still planning things to do in NYC for me and my two buds. my best bud H is bringing his bf, who is an artist and I'm trying to think of what sort of menswear stores might have some unique stuff to his liking that's also not too high priced.  For me of course, I'm TOTALLY going to the usual Joe Fresh ( although they are online now and accessible there) and UNIQLO.  I have to think of what stores would be fun for someone who already has pretty good shopping in Austin.  I have J Crew's Liquor Store clothing store on the list, and I want to go back to the Levi's higher end store under the high line, random find on my last trip.  still researching what location to walk around in Brookllyn or Williamsburg, since I'm there 5 days this trip, I wanted to finally check it out. I don't think I've been to Barney's before either, but that woudl be for window shopping of course.  I have the outdoor market at Union square on the list for the weekend of course.
work is going SHWELL, I'm on a couple committees which had been fun and have been working 5 hours a week as a faculty advisor. the director of advising asked me if I was interested in a special position next semester that paid more and was 10 hours a week. but I'm pretty sure i won't do it. I'll keep my usual 5 hours a week there, and plus I'm already teaching an extra class next semester. woo hoo.
I'm actually going to put most of that extra income towards a trip to central america in February.  The school I taught 3 years at is having a 50th birthday party for the school, so I've been invited and plus I would love to see my former students who live down there again. will be a 3 days weekend trip but totally worth, plus next semester all my classes are mon - Thurs. :)
I've been working out at a different branch of my gym which is south of my work a few miles. but with easy access to the highway to jump on and zip back up north on my usual way home.  they guys there are all in shape and regulars and all ages. man I like that gym.  I also like they have lap lanes open at 4 so I can swim laps as a warm up before working out.
This time of year is always pretty fun for me, I'm going to AR with my best bud S to see his bf in a play in 2 weeks. then the weekend after that my austin bud and bf are coming to stay 7th-9th. and then of course I'll be grading papers for about a week, then counting down to Thanksgiving, then the trip to NYC Dec 12th!!!  then Christmas and the rest of winter break etc.. :)
hope everyone is enjoying fall.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014