Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

bring on fall..................

man, never a dull moment around here. last weekend was pretty nice and relaxing, rained a lot and I stayed in relaxing. I had a post on a social network about how I was eating breakfast and was all thinking i'd vacuum and clean up the house and get all this stuff done inside. and instead I was watching videos and flipping channels right up to the siren going off at 12 noon. ha! (in Oklahoma, the tornado sirens go off every saturday at noon to make sure they're still working, unless it's tornado weather in which case they over look the drill).  I did make it to Lowes that afternoon, and then ran around running errands, I got over by Whole Foods to get a few vegetables and bananas. Since it was close to dinner I went ahead and got some food in a box from the buffet.
While eating mentioned food back home, I bit a piece of rice and broke my tooth! a front side small molar that had a filling although I didn't remember it having a filling at the time since it was the same tooth color. well anyway, blah! I wasn't in pain or anything just had a third or so of my tooth missing, I ate on the other side of my mouth the rest of the weekend and then went to the dentist after office hours on Monday. good news is he was able to build it up and put on a crown. (a temp, the real crown comes in a couple weeks).  the bad news is my new job insurance Delta Dental has me paying $600 and my old insurance with Healthchoice I only paid $300 for a crown. urgh! alas!..... sigh.
classes all gong well this week and I made it into the gym twice already working chest and legs. I got a call Tuesday night about moving furniture Wed. morning. (I've mentioned this extra job before but we haven't moved much all summer this year). I met my friend A at her workplace at 6:15am wed and we moved furniture from one trailor home into another on the lot. $60 more for me (pays $60 if there is not a bedroom suite, and $100 if there is). I had to be quick since classes began at 8. I got to my school by 730 and made my way to the gym locker with my shirt and tie on a hanger and stuff in a bag... while getting ready to undress, I noticed I'd spilt my cup of icewater into my bag, therefore my pants were a little bit wet on the legs, my undershirt go wet at the corners of the underarms, and my boxer brifes were wet like a ring around the seam of the leg opening... great! I showered up and got dressed thinking, well body heat will dry all this up.  day went by fine....
Today I got 3 classes of essays, about 24 each, turned in so it'll be a busy weekend for me. after work today i went by to visit this 86 year old lady in my gardening club.  She always tells me how I'm used to living alone but she's not after 65 years married to her husband, she was widowed two years ago this September. So she has a hard time dealing with it still. I like to sit and listen to here and remind her of stuff, and then she listens to me talk about all my plans for my yard and what plants I'm buying or planting. It's fun to speak to her as a friend as she tells me about her kids ( who are older than me) or for example a lady down the street that her husband had a "fling" with many years ago and hwo the heck did that lady end up living on the same street!? ahhhh
still planning my NYC trip, right now we're reserving a room at Chelsea Savoy, and then once we get the funds going we're choosing an AIRbnb place to stay at, with airbn.comb you have to pay up in advance so that's $500 bucks each from the 3 of us. I'm also furiously wanting to get my tickets settled for a few shows,. Of course this is all after I get that crown payment paid off my credit card and get it back down to zero again. boooo!
If I haven't mentioned it before and maybe I have a hundred times, my plan is to "bulk" up, as they say, this fall.  I'm hoping to fall into a routine of working out more than 3 times a week, like 5 would be ideal, do an arm day, and then separate shoulder and back day.  However this is all highly unlikely since my gym is starting a remodel sep 22nd. urgh. i guess i could use the downtown Y or the one north of my neighborhood if I had to though.we'll see what works out. hope all are enjoying the cool down of fall. :)

American pride...........

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

clothes line.....

this Norse Projects sweater is on my radar, how I'd love to blow $200 and get this for cooler weather.
It'd be a hard choice between the grey or earthy brown.  I like the NB shoes, although I've never been a NB shoe person.  I'm most likely to get the grey slip ons, from joefresh online $29. they sale onlilne to USA now.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

need some new kicks?..........

I came acroess these shoes online done by a guy in Austin putting his day of the dead style onto these slipon shoes.  I think they run $84-$94 bucks a pair...if interested you can message him at gmail using the name marcuscruzart.