Saturday, September 06, 2014

blue shorts guy..........

and it's probably a good time to see this again

male bulge....

can't sleep...........

woke up at 330 am and can't get back to sleep. hate when that happens. I don't get the best air flow here in my bedroom from the AC, although I do have a fan constantly on medium above my bed. Nights like this when it's in the 70s outside and then my AC never kicks on so it gets a little stuffy in bed sometimes. It's supposed to get down to below 70 tonight so I expect the house to cool off at some point. high of 75 Saturday here, so should be a great day to get out and work outside if it doesn't rain all day.  IF it doesn't rain too much in the morning, I'm supposed to drive an hour north and help the club dig up some plants for our sale next week at this lady's house. not sure if I'll make it or not since I woke up at 330 and can't get back to sleep.... urgh.  Though I might as well get online and kill some time.
I had a great week and continue to get to know my students in all my classes. I didn't work our or swim much all week. Monday off work threw off my whole gym schedule, and got to bed way late Monday night, so Tuesday morning no swim, worked late so no gym. got a call late night so again no morning swim Wed, no gym cuz I came home from work with this awful headachee. I've had a kink in  my neck all week which started it.  Thursday morning no swim because I forget why. Thrusday, yes I made it to the gym after work, chest day.  Friday morning slept in but I did make it to swim laps after work yesterday, hurray.  the gym bud I always used to talke about , this college kid, he lifeguards now on Fridays so we get to chat as I'm getting in and out of the pool there. they are always slow on Friday so sometimes I"m the only one in the pool while shirtless him lifeguards.
I'm getting excited about the NYC trip in Dec, but I want to plan something for fall break too. not sure if maybe I'll just drive to somehwere texasa for that though. I'm still considering the Hudson, and also hotel Wellington and the Moderne are now on the list. I'm leaning towards hotel Wellington. Although, going on Mike's advice, I searched around and found some great places to stay in people's apartments there.  really interesting, so I'm debating an airbnb place or a hotel now. my Austin buddy's bf is an artist so I'm looking forward to thing to show him and talk about in general while in NYC.
right now, I'm wondering what plays to see and there is a new play with Matt Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, and Meghan Mullolly in the same play which seems like it's be awesome to see. I'm wondering what anything new might be good to see the fall, musicals!
thanks J lee and mike for the comments.  I guess I'll try to zonk out and see if I can get a few more hours of sleep in. good weekend to all.

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throw in the towel

is it fall yet? ;)

what a weekend, missed my buddy S though, but it was fun to have my friend T here from AR. She and I ran all around the city.  First of all Friday night, I went out with my vet friend to something they have downtown every last Friday night of the month called 8th and Hudson.  basically they shut down a few blocks of Hudson street and there are a bunch of food trucks and some beer stands and tons of people walking around. everyone friendly and discussing the different food. Lots to see of course for people watching. had a lot of fun and I discovered this store down there called Verdigris that was pretty cool. I hadn't seen my friend since we spent July 4th together so we had a lot of catching up to do. She had a great family vacation in Boston but lately some hard times. a doctor friend of hers that she'd worked with for years and became good friends with had committed suicide by overdose many weeks ago.  It was a tough situation with her friend who'd been in recovery for addiction and was still able to practice but not allowed to write prescriptions and had started taking drugs from the safe at work. He was confronted and it spiralled down from there. :(.  Another sad case was a news story last week about a couple found dead near SW okc and they'd been inside the house for a month and unrecognizable, plus about 50 cats were found stuck inside with them all sickly and in poor health. Animal control brought about 30 of them to her clinic to be put to sleep so that upset her as well.  She kept one of the kittens that was healthy enough to save and adopt out. what a weird back story that cat will have, but hopefully the owner will never know, eh?
Saturday morning I was up and getting the house picked up, kitchen clean, bathroom, front room, and then the guest room which always seems to become a storage room between guests, I had to put things away and shuffle things and get it ready.  did lots of yard work all morning and then lunch at my favorite pizza place.  I ran into a current student there in my new classes who works there. He came over and said hello and I said now you're seeing me out of uniform. ha since I had on my old torn of khakis and old long sleeve tee shirt. anyway, my friend arrived by 2pm and we caught up and then went downtown shopping and towards Whole Foods for her to shop healthy stuff and veggies, also she wanted to see the Anthropologie and West Elm store over there. Later we went out to dinner at Kitchen 324 downtown which was AWESOME.
Sunday was church and Sunday School and I'm sure everyone was wondering who was the chick sitting with me. ha. and then Sunday afternoon we spent in S buddy's pool and my two older sisters came over and we jumped in and out and played and they all gabbed and gabbed. fun time. later T and I went back to whole foods for food from the buffet and then a movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I LOVED IT, for the haters, hey it's just a fun ride. it was great ! :)  Monday we had some awesome home made scones and then ran out to the outlet mall, there are like two kitchen stores there and a corning ware that T shopped all over in, and we also shopped other places. I'll have to post a photo of my haul. I have to take a pair of pants back, i got home and already have 2 of the exact same pair from the same place, dang those half off sales, just make me instantly buy more pants for work.
She went back for home by 4 and then I drove over to see buddy S who was back from AR seeing his bf. our bud J was there and we all went out for dinner. whew weekend done! :)
oh, yesterday i was checking my bank balances to see what slim pickens were left between now and my first teacher paycheck expected in two weeks, and what do ya know? I was paid already last Friday!! woo hoo. I got the credit card paid back down and saved some and now planning some travel.
Anyone ever stayed at the Hudson in NYC?  I looking for a place with 2 beds for 3 people come this December, I'm starting to research now. The affordable place I like, the Jane hotel. doesn't have a room for 3, plus since we can divide up the cost, I want to get somewhere close to Time Square of course. ha. okay, back to my short work week. cheers.

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