Sunday, August 03, 2014

trip update.......

well I wanted to update on the portland trip before my mexico trip, but no time.
just finished watching Clueless on that only channel that had something in English on. so a quick post about my trip here so far before I crash....zzz
Tuesday morning flew out of OKC to Dallas and then Guadalajara.  we got a rental van and drove downtown to a nice hotel, unloaded stuff. then walked all around the shops and streets and markets. had a late lunch. than later went out for drinks and then an even later dinner. all was awesome.
at the club we went to for drinks, there were men singing along with the guy on keyboard and random groups showing up having drinks and two guys at the bar a little too dressed up and a porf with me and myself ended up talking to them on the way out, go figure. what I really liked about that little place was the sign on the wall in Spanish that said something to the effect that they will not put up with any intolerance of any kind towards others. something to that effect. anyway.
the next morning we loaded up the van and made our way, 3 hour drive to El Grullo, a town of about 3000.  nice hotel here near El Centro and very safe. Welve been finding out how completely safe and amable the state of Jalisco is compared to other places with more Cartel influence. really awesome here.
anyway, so Wednesday morning we got there and unpacked our things into the rooms and next went out to a late lunch by 4pm. ugh!  walked around town after that and then met up for dinner later. all great food.
Thursday morning we met for breakfast and then drove to the Guachimontones ruins and then to Tomaya, where we walked all around an agave liquor factory. next by a small ghost town called Apulco on the way back, which I'd been told most of the people all went to the US.  got home in time for a late lunch/dinner combined. Friday was the trip to Tapalpa, on the list of Mexico's "magical villages" it was AWESOME.
Saturday we were up a leaving the hotel at 430 am, 5 or more hours drive to the coast playa Mayto. about an hours drive south of Puerta Vallarta to a turtle hatchery, Campamento Tortuguea Mayto, which you can find and like on facebook if you want to see some cool photos of what they do for seaturtles.
today was a "day off" to relax, until we met at 2pm to go to a pavillion cookout which lasted until 9pm.
long weekend and I'm ready to get back Tuesday to my house and yard, and my gym routine of course. ha :)

los ruinas Guachimontones....