Thursday, July 31, 2014

from last weekend in Portlandia.........

photo of Mnt. Hood from the plane, some plant life from the garden of my new friend I stayed with Friday night.  the blue flower is an artichoke bloom. the tree is a contorted white pine, even the needles are contorted. AWESOME tree!!

photos from the farmers market Saturday near PSU. and below shows a piano outside the art museum for anyone to sit down and play. veyr cool

My friend from high school livrd on a 5th floor condo right down town in the "pearl district" we went over to division street for dinner though.

I met a college friend for lunch over on Alberta street the arts district before heading back late Sunday afternoon.  the last photo show my shopping haul from IKEA in Dallas from Monday morning before I drove back to OKC.  I used the luggage there for my trip to Mexico this week. :)